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Tales From Bandcamp: Obelisk by Goya

a4167963514_10A handful of years back Goya’s album 777 kicked my fuzzy stoner metal loving ass all over the place.  Hazy vocals, dissonant guitars, laid back drums, and crunchy grooves man.  So you’d be correct if you said I was looking forward to checking out Goya’s follow-up.  And here we are with Obelisk and Goya knocks it out of the park again.

This time we get a band that has taken a genre that can very quickly get stale and boring and livened it up with just enough bong rips to entertain us who no longer habitually partake in the inhalation of the sacred herb but still like the dank smell (and the occasional J).  Tighter and more varied songwriting hypnotize and captivate and big tripped-out, bluesy guitar solos and punchy drums add a beautiful contrast to the lazy drone of the riffs.  This is one hell of a trip into a well-crafted, surreal soundscape and shouldn’t be overlooked by any fan of the stoner rock/metal genre.

You know the drill, give the record a listen, dig in your couch for spare change, give the band money, tell your friends how much Goya kicks ass, drop us a comment or something, go about your busy day.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Free Tunes!!!!: Billow by Moab

Ill_Clinton_12JktI know I’ve said this before, but a car company releasing free albums and EPs for metal and hard rock bands (they do indie and hip-hop as well)!??!?  Well, if anything, over the past couple years Scion has been doing this they have released some really quality stuff like Revocation, Immolation, Enslaved, and Corrosion of Conformity.  They have also introduced me to some cool bands as well.

Their latest band they’re promoting is a neat little grungy, stonerish hard rock band called Moab.  With some chunky riffs, groovin’ low-ends, and a really unique alto vocalist this 70s inspired rock is well worth a listen to.  Even more so since their sophomore record, Billow, is absolutely free.  Listening to the album I got a Stone Temple Pilots meets early Soundgarden meets Black Sabbath vibe from it.  You can download Billow here at no charge or strings attached and check out the video for “Whittled Away” below.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Tales from Bandcamp: Corned Beef Colossus by Steak

a3233518088_10Things that are great about being a vegetarian:

  • Overall healthier lifestyle
  • More excuses to eat lots of beans and avocados
  • You enjoy The Black Metal Vegan Chef even more and actually make the recipes
  • You’re not obliged to take part in this bacon cult/fad
  • Not having to kill cute, little animals

Things that suck about being a vegetarian:

  • Feeling guilty for totally inhaling these A-1 slathered meaty riffs and grooves with reckless abandon


Hailing from the U.K. the appropriately named Steak deliver Kyuss-ian riffs and fuzz packed with attitude and a smattering of Worcestershire.  Their second E.P. is a quick little appetizer to what is sure to be a beefy debut album (which will be released in Sept. through Napalm Records, be on the lookout for some words about that one.  Also check out their new video from that record below as well).  If you happen to be in the mood for nice bluesy stoner rock, do yourself a goodun’ and click that play button.  As always, if you dig on what you hear, be a chap and toss the artists a few bucks and grab a copy of the record for yourself.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Album Review: Vista Chino – Peace

vista_chino_peaceOk, so they have a new name, but deep down we all know Kyuss Lives!  It’s just in another form called Vista Chino and the new album is called Peace.  Where that band name came from I have no clue and trying to translate it doesn’t really make sense.  One thing is for sure, you are unlikely going to forget it.  The legal battle over Kyuss Lives! is over and the result was the guys had to change their name.  This is their first output under the new moniker, but if you are including time served as the one and only Kyuss, it’s been a wicked long time…about 18 years since we’ve heard new material.  Current full-time membership in Vista Chino is John Garcia on vocals, Bruno Fevery on guitar who also played live shows with Kyuss Lives!  Lastly, Brant Bjork is on drums.  Mike Dean plays bass while touring and is not listed as a permanent member.  Fomer Kyuss members were in and out during the recording process for Peace, but the final version, so far, is what you see above.

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Tales From Bandcamp: Oroboros by Ruby the Hatchet

a1763476374_10I’ll be honest, I’m having a complete case of writer’s block right now and can’t think of anything remotely clever to write.  Which is a shame because I really want to write a bunch of really nice things about this neat little gem I found on Bandcamp, but also wanted to post about them before I disappear for a bit.  Oh, well, I guess the music will speak for its self.

Ruby the Hatchet is a great little stoner rock band that is in the same vein as the equally kick ass Royal Thunder.  Lots of bluesy and hazy riffs covered in a nice thick layer of fuzz, soulful female vocals that have a nice raw sound to them, and lot’s of groove to get you head bobbing and booty shaking to.  Pretty much everything I dig in a quality rock band.  Unlike Royal Thunder, Ruby the Hatchet have a more upbeat mood to them, though they do delve into some nice and trippy hash-laden songs/parts here and there.  This is some totally great stuff that any fan of the genre will fall instantly in love with, guaranteed.

So, yeah, click the play button below and rock out with Ruby the Hatchet and then go tell your friends about them and all that other stuff.  Let us know what you thought too, I like hearing your opinions.  The album is also ‘pay what you want’ so if you’re a cheap bastard you can get a HQ copy for the price of free, but you’re really a cool person who will drop the band a few bucks for this killer record.  Right?  You’ll also give them a ‘like’ on Facebook too.  Right? Peace Love and Metal!!!

Tales From Bandcamp: CVI:A by Royal Thunder

a2509023863_10Thanks to one of our faithful readers I was turned onto this rocking band named Royal Thunder and have been spinning them very regularly since I got my hands on their debut record CVI.  It’s great, you should listen to it if you haven’t yet (player included below).  A totally engrossing slab of hard rock, stoner grooves, and at times trippy progressive and shoegaze tendencies.  I had posted before that they had acoustic tracks floating around, but the acquisition method of running to various sites and news stands to hunt them down was a tad tedious.  Luckily the 3 acoustic songs have just been released on Bandcamp and they are all excellent.  Best part, they’re free!  So check them out, what do you have to lose.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Royal Thunder are currently touring with Baroness in the USA during the summer and Europe in the autumn.  Check dates here.

Musings of the Heavy Metal Hippie: Quake Meat by Astra and Voyage/Paralysis by Diagonal

space-hubble-2010_1622267iI haven’t done one of these in a while, sorry about that. I have however came across a couple of bands that really do fit the bill for my Heavy Metal Hippie moniker quite well. Stoner psychedelic hard prog rock. Just let that glorious genre name sink in a bit. Beautiful, isn’t it. You get the thick grooves of the Stoner genre, that ’60s/’70s classic feel with the Psychedelic and Prog, plus the edge of hard rock. Surely some kind of witchcraft. I totally love it. It’s like Camel, King Crimson, and Jefferson Airplane loaded up a spaceship with the contents of Hunter S. Thompson’s car trunk and their instruments and took a voyage into the far reaches of outer space.
Both of these bands share quite a similar sound going by the songs I’ve heard so far, where Astra tends to have vocals in their songs and Diagonal doesn’t. So if you’re in the mood for some tripped out music, give these bands a shot. Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Royal Thunder and Some Grandpa’s Guitars

eshf_RoyalThunder0422139464Rolling Stone (Yech!) is offering a free download of the kick ass Royal Thunder track “Parsonz Curse” in acoustic form.  It’s really well done and I suggest you download it.  It looks like Royal Thunder went into the studio and recorded an acoustic version of their debut record C.V.I. but only 3 songs have been released and the rest have no plans for a commercial release 😦  Anywho, you can download the acoustic version of “Parsonz Curse” from Rolling Stone HERE and “Black Water Music” via Pitchfork HERE.  You can also grab “Whispering World” if you have the flexi-disc from July’s issue of Decibel (looks like I’ll be needing to take a visit to some remote newstand in the middle of nowhere that happens to carry the kick ass Decibel, or maybe just subscribe).

Album Review: Blood Drive by ASG

grigliaThere are 3 big points I’ve noticed that really sways my enjoyment of an album, the first and most important how catchy the songs on it are.  Whether it be a great vocal hook or a groove that I won’t get out of my mind a songwriters aptitude for writing something that sticks is what will have me keep returning to an album time and time again.  Just give a listen to some of my favorite bands like Iron Maiden, Clutch, Black Sabbath, and Opeth.  Each album they release contains elements of catchy songwriting that has been engaging me for years on end and don’t show any signs of slowing up.  Some genres of rock and metal genres lend themselves better to having more opportunities for damn catchy songs, so, being a stoner hard rock band, today’s band under the microscope happen to already have a few points in their favor.  Fortunately, ASG doesn’t rest on their laurels and let the natural catchiness of the genre carry them along.  Their new album Blood Drive also features the other 2 bullet points for what I consider a great album; depth and performance.  It’s also a fun and uplifting record filled with nice twists and turns that poke at prog rock tendencies and has a nice bit of diversity to keep things interesting.  So after my initial spin of the album it was easy for me to say All Systems Go on this highly enjoyable album.

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Musings of the Heavy Metal Hippie: New Trip by Sixty Watt Shaman

Sixty+Watt+ShamanSixty Watt Shaman is one of those band I could never recollect how I heard of them or when their album made its way into my CD collection. But I’m happy it resides in there. Equal parts stoner and southern the band straight up brings the rock. Probably best compared to Corrosion of Conformity’s more southern fried style songs (specifically the Wiseblood album) their album Seed of Decades isn’t looking to break any barriers or push any envelopes. It exists just to show you a good time with big riffing and the occasional psychedelic section tossed in from time to time.

My favorite track off said album is “New Trip” which features all the above mentioned with the big catcher for me being the last minute or so where a Native American style chant grooves along with the jiving music. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!