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Album Review: Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls by Glorior Belli

PromoImageYou got to love it when a band names their album with a title that sums up perfectly what the listener is going to find within it.  On the new record by Glorior Belli gators do rumble and chaos does unfurl.  They rumble and unfurl so much that for the past week since this record landed in the Metal State inbox I have not been able to stop listening to the thing.  I’ve known about the band for a bit of time now, but like the horrible metal head that I am, I just never got around to checking them out, so unfortunately I can’t tell you whether this record is better or worse than the bands previous efforts.  But what I can tell you, as a newcomer to Glorior Belli, I will be hunting down the bands entire backlog over the next few months as their approach to black metal is one of the freshest and most original I’ve heard in years.

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Musings of the Heavy Metal Hippie: Attrition by Howl

19436235a2025467214b249199849lSometimes a heavy metal hippie needs a good injection of aggression in his hippie music (sometimes the reef runs out). So when a tune steeped in southern metal riffing, thundering drumming, and a dark and evil atmosphere comes along this hippie grins that hazy smile of his.
I have never heard of Howl until this weekend when I was playing follow the Youtube links and stumbled upon them. The killer riffing and the demonic vocals sold me on this band immediately as the came off feeling like a twisted crossbreed of High on Fire and Lamb of God. Damn great stuff and you should totally check them out cause King Hippie says so 🙂 Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Album Review: Godsized – Time

14186For fans of ZZ Top, Down, Clutch, and Led Zeppelin-styled bands, Godsized should be right up your alley.  They employ catchy hooks, clean vocals, and a distinct Southern groove that was instantly likable on their previous EP, Brothers in Arms.  It’s a little ironic since they not even from the Southern US; but based out of London, England.  After that pivotal release, they have been relentlessly touring; carving out a niche of their own, and growing a following of die-hard fans.  Fast-forward a few years (to now) and their long-awaited debut full-length album, Time, is out worldwide.  Did they improve upon what they already accomplished?  Here are my thoughts on the new album and the band’s progression.

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Tales From Bandcamp: Maera by The Heavy Eyes

Click here to go to the Bandcamp pageThanks to our occasional contributor and writer at The Monolith (great site, check it out), Mark, for bringing this to my attention, I am thrilled to bring you this riff-gasm of southern brewed stoner metal.  If the power of the riff compels you to shake your booty and bang your head your in for a nice treat with The Heavy Eyes new album, Maera.  With a style that has the piss, vinegar, and energy of MC5, the stoner haziness of Kyuss and Sleep, the riffage of a Gov’t Mule album, the bite of The Sword, and the southern hospitality of some Skynyrd, I find that I simply can’t stop grooving on Maera.  Front to back this album rocks, so without further ado, grab a beer, sweet tea, Jack Daniels, a fat doob, or what ever you like to chill out with; click play on the player below and get ready to rock out.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!