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Sonisphere Festival UK Update

Sonisphere promoters FINALLY got around to making their first announcement for the UK edition to be held over the weekend of 6-8 July.  Of course, this is good for UK residents and those that want to travel here for the festival.  My initial thoughts seeing the three headliners was…really?  But, now that I take another look, there are a ton of bands I have never seen before.  Download has a great lineup so far, but I have seen most of those bands multiple times.  Sonisphere is offering something a bit different this year and it’s making me a bit interested.  Here is the run-down starting with the headliner in bold:

Friday:  Kiss, Within Temptation, Wolfmother.

Saturday:  Queen w/Adam Lambert, Evanescence, Tim Minchin (Comedian), The Darkness, Flogging Molly, Lacuna Coil, Gojira, Katatonia, Ghost, Fields of Nephlim.

Sunday:  Faith No More, Incubus, Refused, Marilyn Manson, Mastodon, Cypress Hill, Andrew W.K., The Blackout, Switchfoot, I Killed The Prom Queen

If you don’t know who Adam Lambert is, he was on American Idol a few years ago.  He would probably do Queen songs just fine, though I was never that much of a Queen fan anyway.

The day I am most interested in is Sunday with Faith No  More, Marilyn Manson, and Mastodon.  According to the poster, Mastodon will be performing the entire album, The Hunter.  There is also much more room for big names to fill up the main and second stages.  I am definitely interested so see what gets added to the lineup as festival times draws near.


Sonisphere Festival Update – 23 Feb 11

The Sonisphere festival on 8-10 July is just outside London on the UK portion of the tour.  Another weekend of metal to be enjoyed by many…typically around 55-60K.  The promoters like to keep it fairly small as to make the festival enjoyable for all.  Since the last update there have been several new entries; nothing along the lines of Download, but a few recognizable bands were added to the festival.  The new additions are: (sorry if I repeat anything from the last post)

Diamond Head



Protest The Hero

Kids in Glass Houses


Gojira – Nice to see a French metal act play in England

Limp Bizkit – Why oh Why?

One Minute Silence

The Sisters of Mercy

For this post I ask the same question I asked for the Download lineup.  If you had to pick a day based on what is confirmed now which day would it be?

Friday is Metallica headlining with Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Diamond Head

Saturday is Biffy Clyro headlining with Weezer

Sunday is Slipknot headlining with Limp Bizkit

All other bands have yet to be placed on a stage or a specific day.  My pick is obvious…Friday.   I grew up with the Big Four so that is a no brainer for me.  But before the Big Four was announced, it was going to be Sunday for Slipknot.  I am going to this Festival…on the Friday.

P.S. for my non-metal side I would love to see Weezer.  Sorry guys you are on the wrong day.

Sonisphere UK update 28 Jan 11

Slipknot was the first band to be announced as a headliner for the Sonisphere festival UK.  I was pretty much sold on that day right off the bat since I have yet to see Slipknot live.  I hear its a spectacular show.  Then another headliner was announced in the form of Biffy Clyro.  I scratched my head on that one, but I have to remember that festivals are supposed to have a little of everything for everyone.  I guess I can’t complain with that because it made my decision to see Slipknot even easier.  Then there was the big news…Sonisphere promoters signed up the Big Four for their first ever Big Four UK appearance.  Sorry Slipknot, I will be buying a different day pass for my participation in this year’s Sonisphere UK weekend.

So to recap so far, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax will be headlining the Friday 8 July show, Biffy Clyro on the 9th, and Slipknot on the 10th.  The latest announcement listed a few more bands to the mix, but did not list which day they would play.  They are:

Motorhead – Classic

In Flames – No real experience with this band

Parkway Drive – never heard them

Mastodon – Seen them once; this band made my list of bands I think I should like, but do not…and I still don’t know why.

So there you have the latest for Sonisphere.  There are probably 90+ bands yet to be announced.  Are you going to go?  Which day?

You can stay tuned with Sonisphere at their website