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Song of the Week: Brutai – Relapse

BrutaiTo date, Brutai have only one EP, the self-titled “Brutai” released last year. Since forming in 2008, however, the band has caught the attention and won hearty approval from the cognoscenti in melodic, modern and djent progressive metal… and most deservedly so, in my Mammalian opinion.

This coming weekend Brutai will be playing on the main stage at Euroblast in Cologne. They’ll be playing to the die-hard fans of big names including TesseracT, Sikth and Animals As Leaders. Based on their previous live performances and the audience reception, they’ll add to the acclaim they’ve already won.

Brutai have timed the released of a lyric video to coincide with Euroblast. “Relapse” will be on their forthcoming album. This song is tasty enough to make me want that album.

The current line-up is Felix Lawrie on vocals and guitars, Henry Ryan on guitars, Michael Crouchman on bass, and new members Alex Lorimer (keys and backing vocals) and Mathieu Bauer (drums). You can follow the band on Facebook. “Relapse” is available as a free download at Freelease and Bandcamp. You can also get the “Brutai” EP from Bandcamp.


Song Of The Week: Jamie Lenman – It’s Hard To Be A Gentleman/All The Things You Hate About Me I Hate Them Too

The charismatic Jamie Lenman (ex-Reuben) is certainly an interesting encounter, both musically and visually. A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to experience his unusual style of alternative-hardcore-big band-jazz at a festival, and together with his Heavy Mellow Band he gave us a unique, fast-paced performance that I’ll never forget. His solo album that was released last year contains two discs, each one having its own distinct style. In this video there are two tracks, one from each disc.

A taste of Mr Lenman for all of you lovely readers (don’t let the first 2 minutes scare you away!):

Song of the Week: Desolate Pathway – Purgatory

Desolate PathwayThe gigantic and lasting influence of Black Sabbath continues to ripple through the metal ocean more than four decades after Sabbath pretty much invented doom metal. For anyone who loves the old doom, as I do, it’s hugely gratifying that good new bands adopt and adapt that style of metal and integrate it into 21st century metal.

Desolate Pathway, from London in some place called England, is a new band. Their debut album, “Valley of the King”, is set for release in October. The band members themselves aren’t exactly brand-new, though. They include seasoned musicians who’ve been active since the Universe shook to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and the continually evolving doom metal of the 1980s.

Desolate Pathway’s lineup consists of Simon Stanton (vocals), Vince Hempstead (guitars), Jim Rumsey (bass) and Mags (drums). Here’s a taste of what they’ll be delivering on “Valley of the King”.


Song of the Week – While We Sleep

An album that screams awesomeness, “Shadows of the Dying Sun” was released earlier this year and is still ringing in my years.  End of year list contender?  I think so!  ‘While We Sleep’ was the first single accompanied by this cool video.  For those that haven’t heard the album yet, this is one of the more tame songs.  For a dose of exquisite blast beats check out ‘Black Heart Rebellion.”  It is sure to knock your socks off.  Overall, an outstanding album.  Click here to check out the review back on 1 May.  Have a great week.

Song of the Week: Deathless by Revocation

Really, NEW FUCKING REVOCATION!!!!!  Need I say more?

Given last year’s self-titled record made my #1 Album of 2013, it’s pretty obvious I’m hyped for their release landing October 14th, 2014.  This track just heightens the hype.  Enjoy!!! And for you eager ones, you can pre-order the album Deathless here.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Song Of The Week: Caligula’s Horse – Dark Hair Down (live)

A seriously good live recording by a seriously incredible band. 

It was his neck or her wrist
Clean nails on iron fist
Dreams of peace beyond the wall
She’d cry out for mercy but she had no voice at all

Here and now it ends
This quiet victory
Her promise she would make amends
He lay not yet cold on the ground
This day of all days she would wear her dark hair down

This time the wheel has come around
Free of her cage she crows with a fearless sound
“Your fists can’t hurt me now”
A fearless sound
She’ll wear her dark hair down

And blood brought the answer that time could not provide
Scars that read like home could hide
Her prison swallowed everything but piercing open eyes
She proudly bore the mark
Where his brand had met her head
She spat “The coward could not kill what was already dead.”

Dark hair down
This time the wheel has come around
Free of her cage
A fearless sound

Stand and fight
This is my salvation
Blood for blood my love

With a fearless sound
“Your fists can’t hurt me now”
A fearless sound
She’ll wear her dark hair down

Blood for blood my love

Song of the Week: Die So Fluid – Black Blizzard

The Transatlanic trio of Die So Fluid have released this song on video to promote their forthcoming album, planned for release in the US later this year. Die So Fluid is made up of Grog on vocals and bass, Mr Drew on guitars and Al Fletcher on drums. They operate from cities on two continents, namely, Los Angeles and London.

They’ve been together since 2001 and they’re building up a good, slick discography. If their previous work is an indicator, then the new album will be very easy on the eardrums.

Grog describes their music as “the muscle of metal, the angular cheekbones of post-punk and the bittersweet love of grunge.” To me it all adds up to extremely melodic Gothic-based rock/metal, and a joy to hear.


Song Of The Week: Nexilva – Necromancer

Fresh video from the brilliant progressive death metal band Nexilva. Enjoy!

If you like what you hear, here is the full album.

Song Of The Week: Denied – Three Degrees Of Evil

Here’s a fresh single and video from Sweden’s heavy/thrash metal band Denied, taken from their upcoming fourth studio album “Three Degrees Of Evil”. Catchy riffs, high speed and headbang-friendly choruses. What’s there not to like? Be sure to check it out!