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Mik’s Favourite Music Videos 2014

Nader Sadek – Re:Mechanic

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Songs That Define My Taste In Music #10 & #9 (Mik)


This was indeed a difficult, but interesting challenge. Exactly what I like and look for in music, and mainly in metal, is something I’ve never thought about to a great extent before. And I wouldn’t say it’s important to know either, it’s just a way to get to know myself better (and a good excuse for making another list). It goes a bit deeper and is more specific than just saying “I like <insert genre here>”. These components I’m describing apply to any style of music I listen to.

#10 The mysterious, nature-bound aspect.

I have a weak spot for art related to nature, fantasy, old cultures and foreign languages. It gives a mysterious aura and feeling to the music, adds an extra dimension to the listening experience, which for me makes it more interesting and captivating. The fantasy-theme in particular has a lot to do with using art as escapism for me. The nature-bound aspect is one of the reasons I’m into bands like Moonsorrow, Sigur Rós, Bathory, Primordial, Negura Bunget, Finntroll and Gojira.

Sólstafir – Djákninn

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