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Album Review: Clearing the Path to Ascend by YOB

Yob-Clearing-The-Path-To-Ascend-CoverStepping out of the office doors a surprisingly gentle breeze on a twilit summer city evening greets me.  I glance down at my watch and see I have a bit over an hour to occupy before I have to meet my wife at the train station.  She has been gone a few days on business, so I miss her quite a bit as we are rarely apart for so long.  Noticing that the city is rather empty I take the opportunity to make a slow peruse towards my destination to take in some of the finer details of Milan’s center which are usually covered with businessmen, fashion models, and tourists.  I make my way to the marble monolith which marks the epicenter of the city as I dig around in my pockets for my earphones.  Of course I will need a soundtrack for this little excursion.  Flipping through the selections I have on my phone I realize I have my yet to be listened to copy of the new YOB record sitting on there.  That should be perfect; atmospheric, shamanistic, and introspective. Read the rest of this entry

Tales From Bandcamp: Gastronomicon by Slugdge

a0911148520_10A concept band that plays proggy sludge metal about slugs.  How novel.  And like most novel things, I’m all about checking stuff like that out.  What else I’m all about, when a record/band with a novel concept turns out to be freaking great and flat-out kicks some metal ass.  Packed with elephantine riffs, slimy solos, viscous rhythms, and pissed off vocals this record is turning out to be one of the more interesting, varied, and engaging records I’ve heard this year.  At times it sounds like Revocation played through a pool of sludge, at others kind of a blackened Mastodon; always kicking ass.  Oh, and those song names and lyrics, genius!

If you’re hankering for something cool to listen to, do yourself a favor and give Gastronomicon a spin, I promise you won’t be dissappointed.  The record is also ‘pay what you want’ if you happen to be on a budget (though, even if you’re poor as dirt, you’ll be cool enough to toss the band a few bucks instead of nothing, right? Right!?).  Enjoy some Slugdge 🙂  Peace Love and Metal!!!!!

Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1995 / #4 and #3

MetalCatOil and water, that’s what we have today. First, viscous sludge that oozes through cracks and fissures deep underground; then hard rock, which has become the modern pop music of metal people.

Dark Metal Cat says actual pop music causes global warming because it’s all hot air. Cats are bad at making analogies.



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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1994 / #6 and #5

The hit parade of the last one-third of my life continues. So does the last one-third of my life, I’m pleased to say. I have to live for a looong time because the world is so full of beautiful music.

1994, #6: Amorphis – Magic and Mayhem

Album: Tales from the Thousand Lakes
Country: Finland
Genre: Progressive Death Metal


1994, #5: Corrosion of Conformity – Deliverance

Album: Deliverance
Country: USA
Genre: Sludge Metal



Roundtable Review: Mastodon – Once More ‘Round The Sun

Mastodon_CoverLabel: Reprise Records

Release Date:  June 24, 2014

Songs:  11

Length: 54 minutes

Genre:  Progressive sludge metal/rock

Studio Albums: 5

Location:  Atlanta, USA



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New videos for metal lunatics

HeadacheThere are two common factors in this selection of new videos. One, they are all hard ‘n’ heavy. Two, they are all the sort of music that makes non-metal people splutter: “You must be crazy to listen to that stuff.”

So, tighten your strait jackets, tell all your hippie friends to leave the room, and crank the volume up to 11 to satisfy your insanity.

Here, chew on this packet of ball-bearings while you listen.


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Roundtable Review: Black Space Riders – D:REI

13_10_17 lp_sleeve.inddLabel:  BSR

Release Date: N/A

Songs:   13

Length:  79 Minutes

Genre:  Extraterrestrial Metal

Studio Albums:   This is their third album

Location:  Germany

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Musings of the Heavy Metal Hippie: Unspoken by Kylesa

Black_Metal_Hippie_I_by_IrilarAs challenged by the grand master of a heavy metal group I participate in to post a song/video from the doom/sludge/southern/occult/stoner rock/metal daily I will be doing just that and not to let my words just reach a handful of people, I’ll up the count by 2 or 3 and c/p my posts here as well.  Since I am known as the ‘hippie’ of the group it did get me thinking though, what exactly would one consider ‘hippie metal’, I guess any kind of metal or hard rock that goes well with the traditional hippie ethos of peace love and ganja.  So, that’s pretty much boils down to a fuck ton of various music, so for all intents and purposes I will be limiting these daily (weekdays only) posts to the previously mentioned genres which seem to be the prime offenders (I could also add prog to the mix, but that would be diluting this more than it already is).  Join me as I take the brown acid and go on a trip to discover the meaning of ‘hippie metal. I’ll be highlighting new stuff as well as classics, hope you all enjoy and discover some groovy tunes to crunch on 🙂

Today I’d like to highlight a new track from Kylesa called “Unspoken”.  TBH, something about this band never grabbed me and made me want to purchase a record, but I dug them when I listened.  This new track however has my attention and has me highly interested in checking out their new record, Ultraviolet, when it releases later this month.

In the song you will hear a nice mix of hippie metal genres as the sludgy mix of Georgian style stoner metal grooves give way to a Isis by way of Baroness style tune.  Really dank stuff and I especially appreciate that great southern metal style guitar solo towards then end as well as that absolutely absorbing groove that kicks in around the 1:20 mark.

Unfortunately the other 2 released tracks don’t hit me nearly as hard as this tune did, but I did enjoy them enough to have my interest piqued to pledge to give Kylesa a serious listen when the new album drops.  What say you, do you dig “Unspoken”, do you enjoy Kylesa, are you a towel?  Comment away, and remember, always pass to the left. Peace Love and Metal!!!! 🙂

Album Review: Godsized – Time

14186For fans of ZZ Top, Down, Clutch, and Led Zeppelin-styled bands, Godsized should be right up your alley.  They employ catchy hooks, clean vocals, and a distinct Southern groove that was instantly likable on their previous EP, Brothers in Arms.  It’s a little ironic since they not even from the Southern US; but based out of London, England.  After that pivotal release, they have been relentlessly touring; carving out a niche of their own, and growing a following of die-hard fans.  Fast-forward a few years (to now) and their long-awaited debut full-length album, Time, is out worldwide.  Did they improve upon what they already accomplished?  Here are my thoughts on the new album and the band’s progression.

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