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New videos for the open-minded

MetalheadWe’ve received a pleasing mix of new music videos in the last couple of weeks. I’ll post them in batches. They feature cool music in a variety of genres and many creative visual approaches.

Here are four for today, with more to come this week.


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What’s Cookin’ In The Inbox: 21 Jan 2014 Post #2

brokenI was thinking twice a month was going to suffice for the What’s Cookin’ In The Inbox, but the inbox has been literally overflowing with…all kinds of cool and interesting stuff.  I would sure hate for you to miss out on something you might like.  So, this one goes out for the second time this fine January.  Let’s get the balls rolling.

The Betrayer’s Judgment

Song:  Broken Mirrors

Style:  (Symphonic) Metalcore

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