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Missed Reviews: Killswitch Engage; Bullet For My Valentine; Ghost Brigade; Toxic Holocaust; Skeletonwitch; Cradle of Filth

If I had it my way I would by every album I want with the money that grows on this tree outside.  But, since the world doesn’t work like that some potential album purchases get pushed to the wayside until a time arises when the wallet fairy says it’s time to buy.  In some cases, like with Ghost Brigade, I never knew they existed.  So, thanks to people like you, readers, fellow bloggers, and my Metal State cohorts, I get introduced to all kinds of bands, hence Ghost Brigade.  This segment is something I never did before, but I thought it would be cool to catch up on a few things I never got around to or freshly introduced to.  If you are like me, I hope you find something you like.  Enjoy!

Killswitch Engage – Disarm The Descent (2013)

Killswitch Engage is a band that was never really on my radar, but I could count on them for some pretty cool songs off each album; not to mention one cover I am really fond of.  In fact, by the time I heard of the band I didn’t even realize they were on a second vocalist in Howard Jones.  So, when I heard Jesse Leach was returning to the band I barely noticed there was ever much of a difference from the old to the most recent of their albums at the time.  When news of the latest album broke, I figured I would get around to it…well, that time is now.

I have to say my generalized opinion has changed a bit from my previous position.  I rather enjoy the new work.  I still only hear barely a difference in vocal style from Jones back to Leach, but music I find more attractive than past endeavors from Killswitch camp.  I felt most of their songs were a bit choppy whereas the Disarm the Descent has a smoother cadence and flow. Overall, a little bummed I didn’t grab it upon release, but I am happy to have it now and have given it several pleasurable spins.

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A Steady Stream of Metal

Now the big thing to combat music piracy in the metal realm is to make an official stream of a new release available to the public.  Personally I think it’s a great idea and would like to see more of it.  It gives lesser known bands the opportunity to get their name out there and convert someone who may have never heard them into a purchaser, and for bigger bands it lets fans get a taste of a new album before it hits shelves.  I’ll tell you what, all of the following bands I will link the stream to I either never heard of or have heard of but never got around to/took a chance on picking up an album by or giving a good listen to, now they are all high on my radar with a purchase sometime in the future.  I know just about everything can be previewed on Youtube, but I’m the type of dude who like to pop on an album and let it go and follow the flow of the album.  So, this preview method works great for me.  Check out these free full album streams before they expire(probably a week or so I guess), I dig them all, especially the Skeletonwitch album, f’n brutal and awesome blackened melodic death thrash metal(say that 5 times fast, lol), look for a review of that in the near future.

Skeletonwitch-Forever Abomination (Blackened Melodic Death Thrash Metal)

3-The Ghost You Gave Me (Prog Rock/Metal)

Textures-Dualism (Prog Metal)

So there you have it a few hours of some great new metal to check out.  Did you enjoy any of these albums?  Plan on picking any of them up?  Do you like the idea of new album streams?  Any album streams we should be talking about?  Let us know what you think.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!!