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Theme Thursday: The Halloween Playlist To Have Nightmares To

Last year I made up my ultimate Halloween playlist for metalheads looking to dress in motley, down some beer and Jager shots, and have a good time.  The songs on that list carried an up beat energy and worked well with a party atmosphere.  This year I’d like to make another playlist, but instead of focusing on having a good time, this list is going to contain music made to make the listener uncomfortable and all round f’ with their head.  The songs (if you would call some of them that) presented here would fit right at home in one of those really well done haunted hay rides, haunted house, or an abandoned insane asylum that has a few nutcases roaming the halls.  Some of the music here isn’t technically metal (or even ‘music’), but one thing it will do is scare the living daylights out of you or any unsuspecting visitor you play it for.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Song(s) of the Week: Empower & Brainless

Lately I’ve been a kick that includes many bands with an over-abundance of groove in their music ranging metal to funk to some hip-hop (on a side note, if you dig hip-hop and have never heard Jurassic 5, you need to get on that).  On this little kick I rediscovered a band I haven’t listened to in many a year.  Downset are a hardcore band from California that is quite different from the East Coast Hardcore I grew up with.  If you compare this to say something like Madball or Agnostic Front you will certainly hear a stark difference as the West Coast Hardcore style tends to have a stronger focus on groove and add some hip-hop styles to their metal, but I wouldn’t call it rap-core.  Anyways, the main attitude of hardcore is there and that’s what counts in the end.  There’s still pit friendly grooves and riffs, lyrics about positive self-esteem and not taking shit, and simple yet to the point song structures.

“Empower” is the first track off of Downset’s second full length record Do We Speak a Dead Language.  The rest of the album is completely solid and criminally overlooked mid-90’s hardcore record.  Enjoy!

The next song of the week is another groovy blast from the past for me and yet another criminally overlooked band, The Urge.  These guys do a ska and metal hybrid and sport some sick grooves and an amazing vocalist whose strong and smooth vocals will make this a band you are sure to never forget.  All round I have yet to find an album from these dudes that I didn’t love but out of all I highly recommend checking out Receiving the Gift of Flavor.  How this band never got huge is beyond me and that is quite a shame, such a unique blend of great music and talent and tons of fun to listen to.  Oh well, I still have the records to listen to whenever I want.  Check it out!  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!

That One Album That Changed It All

Yesterday I read a post on another metal blog that I frequent, Heavy Blog is Heavy(you can read the post here).  Upon reading that post a wave of fun and stupid memories from my high school days in the 90’s came flooding back into my mind as the authors talked about this very special album.  What I was reading was a throwback to an album that I could honestly say had a major, if not the most important, impact on me and how my musical tastes developed into what they are today.  That album is the self titled debut L.P. from Mr. Bungle.

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