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Album Review: Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor

51GfuKen80L._SY300_Album:  The Pale Emperor

Label:  Hell, Etc.

Release Date:  20 Jan 2015

Length (deluxe edition):  66 Minutes

Songs:  13

Previous Albums:  8 studio albums

Genre:  Shock Rock / Industrial / Alternative

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Mini Reviews: Antigama, Cadaveria, Infinita Symphonia, Death SS

smg106_webI didn’t realize I was going to start off my morning being assaulted by the sounds of Antigama.  I didn’t know quite what to expect when I hit play and what I was exposed to was brutal to say the least.  In a vein much like Napalm Death, Antigama’s concoction of Grindcore comes complete with all the viciousness you should expect, but this Polish outfit has a unique flair to them…almost like Napalm Death meets Voivod, just heavier on the Grindcore.  Meteor is released on 28 May 2013 and the 11 songs in its entirety conclude after about 30 minutes.  The songs are short, sweet, and utterly wicked with the longest song, Turbulence, chiming in at just 3:33.  It is also an instrumental song featuring some electronic and atmospheric elements.  Several of the songs are utterly bone crushing such as Meteor, Fed By The Feeling, and Crystal Tune.  Overall, Antigama is nothing less than uncompromising.  Need a Grindcore fix?  Look no further.

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Album Review: Marilyn Manson – Born Villain

Marilyn Manson’s 8th studio album, Born Villain, boasts over an hour of new music.  The veteran shock-rocker has returned after three years with an eclectic mix of heavy, progressive, and in-your-face lyrical poetry.  Born Villain is long (14 tracks) which includes a good cover of You’re So Vain originally recorded by Carly Simon in 1972.  The variety of style used this time around explores Manson’s musical capacity to still create something new and different.  Lyrically, Born Villain is Marilyn Manson continuing to push buttons and cross boundaries.  Musically, the album is much more diverse than what I am used to.  That might be a good or bad thing depending on where you stand concerning all things Marilyn Manson.  When it comes to Manson, there are two well-defined sides of the love/hate fence.  For me, I walk the fine line in the middle.

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Video of the Week and It’s Not for the Weak! Content Warning! Marilyn Manson

I am not picking this video because I am some huge fan of Marilyn Manson.  I think he is talented artistically and musically, but overall not a top-10 for me.  Of his albums, I like Mechanical Animals the best.  It was more moody, slow, and darker and I happen to like that feel.  I like some of the heavier stuff in songs of his like The Beautiful People and Mobscene.  For the most part though I generally like a few songs of each album.

This new song (Born Villain) is accompanied by a video that is not for those that are underage so here is the DISCLAIMER:  This video has sexual and possibly disturbing images and if you are under 18 we are not responsible for your nightmares.  Go talk to you Mommy or Daddy before viewing.

So, I guess my question to you is..What is Art?  Where do you draw the line between art and something that is simply grotesque?  When you see this video does it offend?  Do you think Marilyn Manson is becoming more in touch with his artistic side or has he just found another way to shock people?  Personally, I do not shock easily.  I would expect something like this from Marilyn Manson and appreciate his work. 

One thing I found after watching this video is that I missed the song completely.  Isn’t that the point about watching a video is to see the song come to life somehow?  Well, I missed the boat on that one and had to watch the video again.  I am not digging the song so much.  It’s not what I like about Marilyn Mason music.  As I mentioned before there is a certain sound of his I like and the rest is hard for me to get used to.  I would love to see a show though.  I should have went when I had the chance, but didn’t.  So what are your thoughts on this new piece of Marilyn Manson art?

Video of the Week – Shock the Monkey

Before there was DevilDriver, Dez Fafara was in an up and coming metal band called Coal Chamber.  They made it a few albums before they dissolved and Dez moved on to the more harsh and thrash metal band DevilDriver.  Something great rose up from those Coal Chamber ashes.  Coal Chamber was different and somewhat quirky, but could still hit hard on many of their songs.

Shock the Monkey is a cover of the original track recorded by Peter Gabriel.  I thought it was a pretty good cover and as I was scrolling through my playlist I realized I rarely ever mentioned Coal Chamber.  Not that I want them back, I do like DevilDriver.  But Coal Chamber sure did carve out their own personality in metal.  So here is Peter Gabriel’s Shock the Monkey covered by Coal Chamber.  Have a great weekend.