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Theme Thursday- September Slaughter

Come September the realm of metal will become much richer with a deluge of new arrivals from some highly celebrated bands.  We will soon find out how Dream Theater fairs without Mike Portnoy behind the skins, we will hear the first new music from odd ball institution Primus whom haven’t release a full album since 1999’s Antipop, and we will soon find out how much more prog Opeth can become.  Here is a listen to some upcoming tracks to whet you appetite for more glorious metal.  Which upcoming albums are your most anticipated?

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September Slaughter

In the 9th month of this year we be seeing a huge influx of metal(and a couple not so metal releases I’d still like to mention) that will be unleashing new albums unto us.  Start saving now, because September 2011 is going to be a landmark month in metal.  I seriously can’t remember a month in metal that had so many high profile and highly anticipated albums scheduled to come out.  What September 2011 releases are you looking forward to the most and which of your anticipated releases did I forget to mention?

(note: release dates may not be exact due to differences in regional release dates, I am going by the worldwide release date, so for example an album may be released Tues. Sept. 20th in USA but the worldwide date would be Fri Sept. 16)

Dream Theater- Sept. 7

Primus – Green Naugahyde- Sept. 12

Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestial Lineage- Sept. 13

Anthrax- Worship Music- Sept 13

Opeth- Heritage- Sept. 16

Thrice- Major/Minor- Sept. 19

Evile- Five Serpent’s Teeth- Sept. 26

Steven Wilson(of Porcupine Tree)- Grace for Drowning- Sept. 26

Pain of Salvation- Road Salt II- Sept. 26

Mastodon- The Hunter- Sept. 27

Machine Head- …Unto the Locust- Sept. 27