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To Pay and Download or Not to Pay, But Still Download? That is the Question.

When I read this article I started having Lars Ulrich/Napster flashbacks.  Scott Ian of Anthrax was interviewed by Castillo, A., 2 Nov 2011 (Broward Palm Beach Blog) and seems pretty pissed that people are dowloading music for free.  He thinks there should be stiff penalties for such acts as well, like having their internet taken away.  Here is an excerpt from that interview: 

Question:  Do you think a lot of your fans in fact stole the record, or —

Answer:  I don’t think; I know they did. It’s the way it works these days. People can get the records for free, whether they’re an actual fan or just a casual person who just wants to check something out. It’s not a case of going out and checking out music. Now you can steal it, because the internet makes that possible for people. People have this sense of entitlement now where they think music is free, and that’s the way it is, whether or not they even realize they’re stealing it. 

Before the internet, the only way to steal music was to walk into a music store and physically walk out with something, and you    were stealing, and you knew it. You knew, unless you’re a fucking maniac, that there was a consequence. If you got caught, you were going to get in trouble. 

On the internet, there is no consequence for stealing. Nobody gets in trouble for stealing music; nobody gets in trouble for stealing movies. Illegal downloading has no consequence. So until there is a consequence, it’s going to happen more and more and more, and people are going to see less and less original and good content from the record industry and movie industry.

To see the rest of the interview click on the link above.

This subject has gone round and round in the music world.  When Ian says that today 30,000 albums is #12 on the charts, but 10 years ago it would have been #12 with over 100,ooo sold, he does make an interesting point.  People are not buying albums like they used to.  Should there be harsh penalties for illegal downloading?  Not just music, but movies and other stuff too?  How does all this get tracked? 

I don’t think Ian is going to take the path that Lars Ulrich (of Metallica) did concerning Napster.  He does seem pissed though. Wht’s your take on this issue of downloading?  We have talked about it before, but now we have a reference and big metal star sounding off.

Antrhax – Worship Music – Review

September 13th was a great day for metal and the second week of the September slaughter.  Anthrax released their first new album, Worship Music, in….get this, 8-years.  Was it worth the wait?  Hell yeah!  First, let me say that I do not expect another 8-year wait for the next recording. I fully expect Anthrax to release new material by fall of 2013.  I think that’s ample time, just sayin.  Ok, on with the review of Worship Music.

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