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Tales From Bandcamp: Say Yes to Discomfort by Seven Daily Sins

Going by the bands bio it seems like Seven Daily Sins opened their arms to discomfort in order to make their dream and debut album, Say Yes to Discomfort, a reality.  Going through a 2 year recording cycle members of the band even went as far as to relocate to a different country to get a better job so quality studio and recording time could be purchased.  Listening to the album, it sounds like the bands hard work and dedication paid off.  Within the 8 track contained on the record you’re going to get more than an earful of prog death metal rife with bout of off-kilter free jazz.  Unlike many bands that boast the ‘jazzy prog metal thing’, 7DS do quite a good job at keeping things fluent understanding how to use certain jarring sections to create an interesting dynamic instead of pulling the listener out of the tune.  Give 7DS a listen and tell your prog metal loving buddies about them, and if you feel inclined to do so, grab a copy of the album for yourself (it’s ‘name your own price’).  Enjoy! Peace Love and Metal!!

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp