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Backtrack- Equilibrium- Sagas

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if the Predator were to be the lead singer in a metal band that took musical from inspiration travel commercials? Well, if you ever had enough time on your hands to allow that thought to sneak its way into your head, here’s the answer. It would sound Awwwsome.

Hailing from Bavaria, Equilibrium‘s second full length album, Sagas, takes a different turn on the folk metal style in many ways. Unlike most bands in this genre which create melodies and harmonies with violins, fiddles, bagpipes, various keyboard effects, tribal sounding drums and tin whistles, Equilibrium takes it a step further and introduces the sounds of pan flutes, steel drums, and Bavarian melodies into the mix on many of the songs on this recording. The addition of these create quite a fresh, adventurous, and fun sound. From the opening track “Prolog Auf Erden” to the epic closer “Mana”, the auditory assault does not let up for one second.

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