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Matt’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs: #15- Sabbra Cadabra covered by Metallica

tumblr_m8zjenrpzR1rpgw7vo1_500Well, what a nice coincidence, today, Feb.14 is recognized as the day you fork your money over to Hallmark and show your significant other that you love them more on this day instead of any other day of the year.  Single people also get to be reminded that they are alone as they get berated by sappy lovey dovey stuff from their friends in relationships.  I wonder how many hits those wank sites get today.  Anywho, my pick for #15 is one of the cover of a Black Sabbath ode to love, “Sabbra Cadabra”, covered by Metallica.

What I dig about the Metallica cover is that it is able to capture the fun and energy of the original track and also work in that classic ‘Tallica sound.  Hetfeild sounds great in the vocal part and suits the song well with his bluesy singing style and Kirk’s guitar tone and wah-wah abuse sound tailored this song.  There is also a nice little segue into my all time favorite Black Sabbath tune, “A National Acrobat”, towards the end of the track that is masterfully woven into the cover before it seamlessly works its way back into the rockin’ sounds of the former.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Metallica Version:

Original Black Sabbath Version (Sabbra Cadabra):

Original Black Sabbath Version (A National Acrobat):

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