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An Evening With Machine Head – Show Review, Tokyo, Japan

It was An Evening With Machine Head.  I think this is the fifth time I have seen An Evening With (insert band name here) and it is well worth it.  Why?  Because you get to see, Machine Head in this case, play an assortment of songs they would never have time to play during a normal 75-90 minute set on any other headlining or festival tour.  The only problem with a tour like this is that you really have to like the band a lot to want to go see just them.  Sometimes a strong headlining act supported by decent bands is a nice package that makes the trip worth it.  Machine Head proved plenty capable of going it alone.  They rocked Tokyo’s Club O-East in the Shibuya district on 6 July 2015 for 2 ½ hours.

Surprisingly, Flynn and Co. did not open the set with a song from Bloodstone & Diamonds.  I kind of expected Now We die to start the show.  It seems the song was built for that with its intro and thrashy cadence.  I mean, they are supporting their new album; it makes sense to kick things off with a new song.  Instead, they began the night with Imperium, which worked out quite well.  It wasn’t until the third song we were treated to new material in the form of Now We Die…another crowd pleaser.  Read the rest of this entry


Video of the Week – Vio-lence

Since Machine Head just released a stellar new album, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane with this week’s video of the week.  Machine Head lead singer/guitarist Robb Flynn and lead guitarist Phil Demmel both played together in the 80’s thrash metal band Vio-lence.  If you never hear of them, they actually did quite well for themselves in the Bay Area with the likes of Testament and Death Angel. 

I read somewhere that Rob Flynn wanted to start a side project (Machine Head), but the band (or maybe certain members) said no, so he left to form Machine Head.  Phil Demmel joined Machine Head after touring and right before Through The Ashes of Empires was released.  In my own personal opinion, this is when Machine Head went from being bad-ass to holy f**kin-shit-bad-ass.

This clip is more of a piece of a documentary, but showcases the band’s top songs and also some words from the dudes of Vio-lence, 50% of which today comprise Machine Head.  Do you hear familiar guitar work in Vio-lence? I do.  Enjoy!