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Retro Roundtable Review: Devin Townsend – Ocean Machine: Biomech

BiomechLabel: HevyDevy/InsideOut

Release Date:  July 21 1997

Songs:  13

Length: 74 minutes

Genre:  Unique progressive metal

Studio Albums: Too many to mention!

Location:  Canada

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Retro Game Review: The Longest Journey

For the longest time I’ve been a fan of graphic adventure games (aka: point and click adventure games).  My roots with this style of gaming goes back to the VGA games that were produced in the late 80’s/early 90’s with stuff like Kings Quest and various other Sierra games.  My love (and many others) of this genre deepened when I came across the mad mind of Tim Schafer and Lucas Arts with games like Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion where they perfected the point and click formula down to a perfect ‘T’.  Then graphic adventure games seemed to just fall off the map getting little to no exposure and many games falling well under my radar.  One of the games to fly right under my radar is 1999’s The Longest Journey by Ragnar Tørnquist and Norwegian studio Funcom.  I have heard that this game was heralded as the best graphic adventure of all time by many sites and people, but for some reason I never got around to playing it when I initially heard about it.  Then Steam had their summer sale and offered a package of this game along with its sequel bundled together for a nice price, so I took the plunge to brush up on a game that I should have played years ago and boy am I happy I did.

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