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Retro Roundtable Review: Gorguts – Obscura

3009Label: Olympic Recordings
Release Date: June 23rd 1998
Songs: 12    Length: 1 hour
Genre: Technical Avant-garde Death metal
Studio Albums: Considered Dead 1991, The Erosion of Sanity 1993, From Wisdom To Hate 2001, Colored Sands 2013
Location: Canada

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Retro Roundtable Review: Anacrusis – Screams And Whispers

291Label: Metal Blade Records

Release Date:  May 11th, 1993

Songs:  12

Length: 1 hour

Genre:  Progressive/Thrash

Studio Albums: Suffering Hour 1988, Reason 1990, Manic Impressions 1991

Location:  Missouri, USA



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Album Review: Clearing the Path to Ascend by YOB

Yob-Clearing-The-Path-To-Ascend-CoverStepping out of the office doors a surprisingly gentle breeze on a twilit summer city evening greets me.  I glance down at my watch and see I have a bit over an hour to occupy before I have to meet my wife at the train station.  She has been gone a few days on business, so I miss her quite a bit as we are rarely apart for so long.  Noticing that the city is rather empty I take the opportunity to make a slow peruse towards my destination to take in some of the finer details of Milan’s center which are usually covered with businessmen, fashion models, and tourists.  I make my way to the marble monolith which marks the epicenter of the city as I dig around in my pockets for my earphones.  Of course I will need a soundtrack for this little excursion.  Flipping through the selections I have on my phone I realize I have my yet to be listened to copy of the new YOB record sitting on there.  That should be perfect; atmospheric, shamanistic, and introspective. Read the rest of this entry

Retro album review: The Sins Of Thy Beloved – Lake of Sorrow (1998)

The Sins OTB CoverLabel: Napalm Records

Release Date: 1998

Songs: 7

Length: 55 minutes

Genre: Gothic Doom Metal

Studio Albums: Perpetual Desolation (2000)

Location: Norway


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