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Mammal’s most recommended new albums: Core

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Two-thirds of the way through the year, I find that the four unreviewed ’core releases I’ve enjoyed the most were all issued in the opening months of 2015. There have been many other good ’core albums in our Inbox, but these are the ones that call to me most sweetly. Two of the four are EPs, not full albums, which goes to show yet again that quality matters much more than quantity in music.

As always, my picks are sub-genres of the melodious and experimental ilk. That doesn’t mean I’m soppy, it reveals that I’m half hippie.

The albums and EPs are listed alphabetically by name of the artist. Any rating of 4 or more on Metal State equates to “Geez, gotta have this!”

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Getting Restless with Leprous

I have to say I was quite taken with the latest release, Bilateral, from Norwegian prog metal band Leprous.  It was groovy, fun, intelligent, and diverse listen.  In support of this new L.P. they have released a music video for the song “Restless” and like the album art of its accompanying album, it’s quite, interesting.  For some reason I now have a hankering for some shrimp and cake.  Slightly NSFW warning (brief man ass and pube shot).

Leprous are set to head out on a European tour in support of Amorphis(need to get tickets…)  No word yet on a North American tour.  Dates here.

You can also listen to the official full album stream of Bilateral(which I highly recommend you do) by clicking the picture below.