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Album Review: As the Palaces Burn (10th Anniversary Edition) by Lamb of God

PromoImageRoughly about 10 years ago I started listening to a band I would have never imagined would ever explode to fame and heights that they soar at today.  Lamb of God was an extreme metal band that simply blew me away the moment I started listening to the opening track on my shiny As the Palaces Burn CD that I had bought on a friends recommendation.  My first impression was that Lamb of God are carrying the torch of New Wave of American Metal that the legendary Pantera had lit a decade before.  But I also thought, due to the intensity of the music it would only appeal to a niche sect of people already established in the realms of death metal.  Pantera were heavy as fuck, but they still were very accessible, and at the time metalcore was taking off, and while there were some pretty extreme bands getting popular, they were also rife with accessibility.  Lamb of God was brutal, intense, pissed off, and pulled no punches.  Yet somehow, their no-holds-barred style of groove/death metal hit a chord with both seekers of more accessible metal as well as lovers of the extreme spectrum and a legend was born.

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Album Review: Puscifer – All Re-Mixed Up


“It’s extremely liberating in the digital age to approach composing and creating in this manner. 

Infinite paths to explore, reinterpret and re-present.” 


Release Date: August 27, 2013 on Puscifer Entertainment

Tracks: 12

Length: 60 minutes

Genre:  Alternative, industrial rock, experimental, electronic

Previous releases:

Don’t Shoot The Messenger EP, 2009

“V” is for Vagina, 2007

“C “ is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here) EP, 2009

Conditions of My Parole, 2011

Donkey Punch The Night EP, 2013 and three remix albums

Recommended for fans of:  Nine Inch Nails, Tool, A Perfect Circle, electronic music

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