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Free Download: Huge sampler collection from Relapse Records

downloadMastodon, Neurosis, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Orbituary, Necrophagist, Death, Dying Fetus, Baroness and many, many more…

Relapse Records is celebrating their 25th anniversary and in doing so they are giving us over 180 (!) songs spanning the label’s entire history, free of charge (or pay what you can, and please do). This sampler includes one track from almost every band that has released their work on Relapse since 1990.

Happy Anniversary Relapse Records! Let’s headbang!

An additional in-depth feature on 25 of their biggest releases can be read here

Album Review Follow Up: Exhumed – Necrocracy “Track-by-Track”

exhumed-necrocracy-CBIt’s great to be able to listen to and review a new album; even better to get it before the release, but that is not always the case.  From my perspective, I usually do not try to interpret lyrics because, for lack of a better response, it’s just not what I gravitate to.  Needless to say, I am probably missing out on strong, serious, and meaningful content, but what can I say I love the brutality of metal music and tend to focus more on musical content and the band’s evolution.  I had a chance to review Necrocracy by Exhumed a few months ago. You can check it out here if you like, but if not I will just say it is a strong candidate for my annual “best of” list.  It’s everything brutal you should expect from a death metal band and just hits hard. But, what does Necrocracy mean?  It’s a word you are not going to find in Merriam-Webster; believe me I looked.  What I gather is something to the effect of dead bureaucracy.  Necro- meaning dead body and the latter –cracy probably stemming from something related to government such as the word I used above – it’s the first thing that comes to mind.  It’s my guess and something I would expect given the state of the world and economic woes of my country, the United States.  So, I didn’t get to meet the band to ask, but what I did receive was a track-by-track by the band courtesy of Relapse Records.  If you liked the album and want further detail then keep reading, it’s straight from the goose with the golden egg.

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Album Review: Exhumed – Necrocracy

PromoImageExhumed and various incarnations of Exhumed have been in the biz a long time – a couple decades and some change.  Why I am only getting around to them now remains a mystery, but thankfully that time has come because I have just added a new Death Metal band to my repertoire.  And that makes it a good day.  The San Jose, CA-based band is set to release Necrocracy on August 2, 2013, give or take a few days for other locations on the planet.  What should you expect?  Nearly 40 minutes of death metal glory, but not just any death metal…this is the kind that reeks of old-school.  Think Entombed, Carcass, and Cannibal Corpse early year’s riffing, solos, blast beats, and brutal growls.  You know the stuff you can sleep to at night…music to the ears!

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Tales From Bandcamp: Possession by Christian Mistress

Damn is this album one hell of a rocker.  Filled to the brim with a doom laden style of NWOBHM mixed with a nice grungy production and a non-over-dramatic female vocalist, Christian Mistress hits all my buttons in the rights spots for what I love to hear out of a modern-retro band.  And in case you’re wondering, I don’t think Christian Mistress is a Christian band as their lyrics revolve around mysticism and all that other fun cult-ish stuff.  But who really cares, they could be singing ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children’ and I’d still be rocking out as long as they did it with that sexy guitar tone, sultry vocals, and driving rhythms.

Possession is Christian Mistress’ major label debut and I think Relapse Records made an excellent choice when signing this band (they style of production they use probably saved the label a couple of bucks too.  And bravo to Relapse for being one of the first major labels to fully embrace Bandcamp).  Front to back I totally dig this album and of all the ‘vest metal‘ (AKA Doom Metal) out there, these guys stick out to me with their high energy and presence.  So check out  Possession, the video for “Pentagram and Crucifix”, and let us know what you think.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp Official Site

Label: Relapse Records