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Album Review: Jungle Rot – Skin The Living (re-issue)

JRSTLIf you ever wondered whether or not Jungle Rot was a real thing or just a band name, I have an answer for you; it’s both.  Jungle Rot is typically known as Tropical Ulcer which erodes muscles and tendons (sometimes bone) leaving open revolting wounds; typically in hot/humid jungle areas.  Go figure!  What does this have to do with the band?  They are fucking Death Metal; it’s supposed to be sickening, unpleasant, and nasty!  Jungle Rot is quite a fitting name.  Formed in 1994, they have released seven albums with one in the oven for 2013.  It’s a wonder I never checked them out; however, now that they are signed to Victory Records their first album, Skin the Living, has been reissued.  There’s no better place to start listening to a band than the very beginning.  Their 2013 release will be the second release with Victory Records.

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