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Book Review – I Am Ozzy

I greatly appreciate any time my wife comes home with metal related things unexpectedly.  Her buying me I Am Ozzy was one of those moments.  I was probably more of fan when I was younger, but I was always a fan and still am.  I like the classics more than the newer stuff, but the newer stuff isn’t bad.  Since I read Mustaine I have been more interested in reading autobiographies lately.  There are about five more Artist books on my Amazon wish list.  My wife, the avid reader, clued in on my desire to learn more about the artists and was more than happy to buy me the written word.

First, the ghost writer did a great job making the book sound as if it was Ozzy talking.  Having said that, there is a considerable amount of British slang.  Living in England at the moment helped get through all of that stuff.  If I had never lived in England I might have been a little lost and have resorted to the internet for a few answers.  Getting pissed in England means to get drunk.  There was a lot of “getting pissed” in the book.  Kudos to the writer for keeping the book Ozzy.

The first half of the book revolves around Black Sabbath, which for the most part, is before my time.  I mean I was born during the era of the Sabbath, but it’s still before I realized what impact music can have on a person.  I learned a lot about Ozzy’s home life to include family members and the relations therein.  Many of the infamous incidents were explained a little more in-depth such as the bat and dove biting and pissing on the Alamo…and I don’t mean getting drunk on the Alamo.   Ozzy talked a lot about his drug habits for which I was surprised.  I didn’t realize he was still popping pills even during The Osbourne’s TV show.  I thought most of that gibberish he was speaking was as a result of drugs, but he was still getting high.  I remember taking one vicodin after a knee surgery and feeling like a zombie.  I didn’t take any more and never plan to.  Ozzy was popping 25 day among other things.

The biography then moved on to Ozzy’s solo days, but not as in-depth as I would have liked to read.  Ozzy didn’t talk much about the revolving band members much…Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, and Mike Bordin.  I would have liked to know more about his relationship with them and their contribution to Ozzy’s music.

I never knew Randy Rhoads’ plane crashed into Ozzy’s bus while Ozzy and Sharon were in it.  I knew about the crash, but not the details.  There was much to learn in I Am Ozzy and I enjoyed reading about it.  There was a lot of talk about the reality show and Ozzy’s kids drug problems as well.  I was hoping to read more about Ozzfest, but mostly it was about how it started.  I would have liked to read about the experience of putting all that together and how Ozzy got along with the bands he invited on the tour.  I also would have liked to read about the little tiff between Ozzy and Iron Maiden when Sharon pulled the plug on Maiden during an Ozzfest tour.

I Am Ozzy was a great read.  It was nice to learn a lot.  I recommend this bio if you are even the slightest Ozzy fan.  I think it will give you some insight.  Personally, I am enjoying reading about metal icons.  I hope more metal artists bet themselves published.  Next on my reading list is Jon Bon Jovi.   Yeah, I didn’t forget where I came from…

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