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E.P. Review: Capturing Moments by Random Mullet

The mullet, an oddly ubiquitous hairstyle known for its business up, front party in the back attitude. This hairstyle seems like a quite fitting mascot for Finnish band Random Mullet.  On the surface you can easily hear they mean all business with their intelligent progressive metal.  But behind all that business is fact that they love to have a damn fun time with their music.  Formed when founding members, Henri Heikka and Raine Oikarinen, wanted to create more unique and different music than their current bands, they have certainly achieved what they set out to do.  The amount of unique and diverse content within the half hour of music on the bands third E.P., Capturing Moments, is staggering.  Going from alternative metal sounds to crushing death metal to smooth sax and piano filled jazz noir pieces and more I can’t think of one moment throughout my many spins of the entire record where I wasn’t enthralled, interested, and completely engaged in the music.  Everything sounds fresh and wildly unique, and if this is a taste of what they are looking to put forth in a full length, boy are progressive metal fans in for a treat. Read the rest of this entry


Hey, Check This Out: Random Mullet

Perusing the inbox today I found an email from a band called Random Mullet.  With such a kick ass name like that I had to immediately check out what this was all about.  I was looking forward to hearing something fun and goofy, and while fun, to my surprise I was greeted with a quite forward thinking, hard hitting progressive metal sound.  They linked me to their latest video for a song off their new, self-produced and financed E.P. Capturing Moments which can be your for the nice price of free over on the band’s website.  Lately, I’ve been saying to myself that there needs to be more sax in metal as whenever I hear it the sound just jazzes up the song (pun intended) to wonderful heights.  Bands like Japan’s Sigh and Norway’s Shining use it wonderfully and now, so does Finland’s Random Mullet.  Seriously, check this shit out!  Download almost finished, can’t wait to get this one spinning!! 🙂 Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!