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Roundtable Retro Album Review: Rammstein – Herzeleid

Rammstein_coverLabel: Motor Music

Release Date: 24 September, 1995

Songs: 11

Length: 50 minutes

Genre: Industrial Metal

Studio Albums: Six; this was their debut album

Location: Germany



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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1995 / #6 and #5

MetalCatDark Metal Cat says I should post only the intro to my hit parade stuff on the home page and put the songs on a turn-page so that (a) I don’t use up the first three screens of the home page and (b) he can be on the home page.

I had 1995’s #10 and #9 yesterday. I am not skipping #8 and #7. I did them last week by mistake because of solar flares and asteroid belts and the Oort Cloud and such phenomena.

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America! F**k Yeah!!!!!

fyeahamerica-montageSo today is the 4th of July.  The day the whole world celebrate just how awesome the U.S.A. is and the citizens of the States celebrate their superiority in the world by getting rip-roaring drunk, eating their own weight in meat, buying explosives from other countries (mainly China), and blowing shit up.  It’s damn good time for all.  How do you celebrate the 4th of July in your country?

But in all seriousness the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day, is one of the most loved holidays in the United States.  Families and friends get together and party hard in celebration of the day the States gained their independence from the British and marks the start to what is easily one of the most controversial countries in the world.  One thing I love about America is the deep and diverse culture we Americans have.  Having so many immigrants from so many different parts of the world has led to this mish mash of random mannerisms from other countries that lends its self to letting an American have a taste of the rest of the world without having to leave the country’s borders (which is a double-edged sword).  But the thing I love most about the States is the music.  Always a trendsetter in the aural entertainment market some of the most loved aspects of music originated in the States, like you know, the blues, which is the base of rock and roll and by proxy heavy metal.

Today I’m just going to brain fart out some songs and bands that make me think of the stars and strips, amber waves of grain, and sea to shining sea as well as other things love about the U.S.A.   Enjoy!!!  Peace Love and Fuck Yeah!!!!

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Mik’s Top 50 – Intros That Instantly Grab My Attention #43-44

Here’s a list where you only have to listen to the first 30 seconds of the songs to know what I’m talking about!

#44 Rammstein – Engel

Gott weiß ich will kein Engel sein”
(God damn! I’m not an angel when I die)

This song has one of the most recognizable intros I’ve ever heard and it’s quite beautiful as the whistling sound continues throughout the song. A nice contrast to the heavy sound of Rammstein. ‘Engel‘ can be found on the album ‘Sehnsucht‘, released in 1997.

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Video of the Week: Mein Herz Brennt by Rammstein

Besides death and taxes, there is one other thing that one can always be sure of.  Rammstein will always release visually appealing and completely tweaked music videos.  Their latest for “Mein Herz Brennt” (“My Heart Burns”) is a strange one featuring what I guess is some kind of orphanage where a twisted man kills the headmaster and does very bad things to the children.  While slightly NSFW there is nothing directly depicting child abuse, yet there are obvious allusions to it.  If any of our readers speak German I’d be curious to know if the context of the lyrics play into the video’s narrative and maybe make more sense to all that twisted imagery.  Anywho, give the video a watch and let us know what you thought.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Video(s) of the Week – Download 2013 Headliners

In seems uncharacteristically early to announce headliners for the UK’s famed Download Festival for 2013.  The event is still 10 months away and the promoters have already booked the three headliners.  Based on what I have seen, I would buy a ticket already, but the hardest part would be for which day.  I am not in a position to disappear for the entire three-day event; therefore picking one day would be tough.  In 2013, I would do the weekend if I could because all three headliners are quality acts.  So, without further dela, I will let the videos do the talking.  They are in order from top down – Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  This is already shaping up to be a tremendous June 2013 weekend.


Concert Review: Rammstein at DCU Center, MA-4/29/12

The day before finals week started at my school I went to see my first major heavy metal concert with only a few friends: Rammstein. I couldn’t have started off the week in a better way. The day started off with me making the drive to meet up with the others and then going to the DCU Center from there. To anyone who’s never been, it’s a pretty good venue in the city of Worcester. It was significant that I got to see them there since it is the very place that they were arrested for their performance of “Buck Dich” on June 5, 1998. The interior is that of most larger indoor venues; a floor with tiers of seating all around. Before we got inside though, we had to wait in line for hours. Luckily we were near the beginning of the line and we talked about what we hoped the night would be like. We could feel the brick walls we were sitting up against shaking from the sound check and our anticipation built. One guy we talked to worked for the DCU Center and told us that he had never seen so much fire in all the years he had been employed there.

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Zee Gehrmans Are On Zee Shore!!!

In other Best Of albums news, World renowned German Industrial Metal Band Rammstein are releasing their Best Of collection as well as a disk of remixes on December 6, 2011 and it will be called Made in Germany:1995-2011.  To support this release they have made a video for the unreleased song “Mein Land” and it is absolutely hilarious.  Check it out.  And NSFW(brief shots of some boobs 😉 )

Video of the Week – Ich Tu Dir Weh – 6 May 11

I would like to wrap up a long week with a video from Rammstein.  It’s hard to pick just one video from Rammstein, they are all so well done.  Since Rammstein doesn’t sing in English (Primarily), they have stated they make up for this in videos.  They tend to be quite visual experiences.  This particular video represents their most recent stage set.  Their shows, if you haven’t been to one, is truly a performance.  Ich Tu Dir Weh is a video that is the same stage set up when I got to see them at Sonisphere 2010 in the U.K.  The fire in the latter half of the video is not exaggerated for the video.  They use that much pyro for one song.  I also attached the lyrics to the song translated literally in English.  So there may be some meaning lost in translation, but it’s probably close.  Here is the video:

Here are the lyrics:

You’re only alive for me
I poke medals into your face
You are utterly devoted to me
You love me because I don’t love you

You bleed for the salvation of my soul
A little cut and you’re turned on
Your body already completely disfigured
Whatever, anything goes

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Listen to it scream

With you, I choose the torment
Barbed wire in the urethra
Put your flesh in salt and pus
First you die but then you’ll keep living

Bites, kicks, hard blows
Needles, pliers, dull saw
Make a wish, I won’t say no
And I’ll insert the rodents into you

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Listen to it scream

You are the ship, I’m the captain
Where do you want to go?
I see your face in the mirror
You love me because I don’t love you

I hurt you
I’m not sorry
It does you good
Listen to it scream

Here is someone’s home video of that Sonisphere show for the song Du Hast.


Video of the Week – Amerika – 14 April 11

The video of the week for this round is by Rammstein.  Since the vast majority of metal fans do not speak German, Rammstein has had to express themselves through videos for better explanation of their music.  Most of the time, their videos are explicit in proving their point.  Amerika is one of the few videos (songs) by Rammstein that is in English or at least partial English.

Rammstein got their name from Ramstein Air Base where there was a horrific plane crash during an air show in 1988.  Scores of people were killed as burning wreckage rained down on spectators.  Rammstein is named after the base.

Now about the song.  Do you think Amerika is a pot-shot at American lifestyle bleeding through and contaminating other cultures around the world?  Some might think so, but I do not.

First of all, globalization is inevitable.  As science and technology increases, our world inevitably shrinks.  We are becoming (if not already there) connected to each other through things like the Internet, mass media, and rapid air travel.  Let’s face it, it doesn’t take 80 days to travel around the world anymore.  Virtually anyone, if they have the means, can go where they want to go to.  Other than some very oppressed Peoples out there, the world is really at anyone’s fingertips.  We are in the information age and anyone with a computer can look up whatever they want.  What do most people gravitate to?  America.  Why not?  We have blockbuster movies, Coca-Cola, fast cars, beautiful women, huge houses, and something many people do not have-freedom.  America has the means to ship anything anyone wants worldwide…as the video would indicate, Coca-Cola and Wonder Bras.

What many people forget is that America is a melting pot.  The world bled into America and now our molten-mix of culture is bleeding back out.  I have had the privilege of traveling and living abroad and I can say first hand that when many foreigners have a chance to buy something American like Nike, they jump at the chance.  Is it America forcing its culture on the rest of the world or are we just so globally connected that cross-culture blending is inevitable? Do we all live in Amerika?

Enjoy the video, you do not need to speak German to understand it.  Also there is a clip of the Ramstein Air Show disaster that someone put together to Rammstein music.

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