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How Important are Lyrics in Metal?


It all makes sense… we’re capable of beauty.
Through sounds which make one cringe.  The dogs only hear us now.
For the first time tears came to my eyes while I was listening.
Noise brings so many things… make my tingling skin freeze.

I’m positive that nearly every metal fan, especially the lovers of the more extreme spectrum of the genre, have heard this before.  “But with all that noisy growling and screaming, how do you understand what they’re ‘air quotes’ singing?”  To which we usually reply along the lines of something like “You get used to it.” or “It’s like learning an accent.”  Yet regardless of how we break it down or try to explain it they just look at you with their head slightly cocked like a confused puppy and then you usually just give up and go about your day. Read the rest of this entry


Please ‘Like’ This Post: Facebook and How to Help Your Favorite Bands

Over the past month or so I’ve been reading an ongoing article (in other words: an informed rant) on No Clean Singing about Facebook and the way they handle ‘fan’ pages (like Metal States page or your favorite bands page).  If you haven’t noticed recently, FB has been really pushing its users to ‘promote’ there posts and have been holding back posts from reaching many ‘likers’ newsfeeds to encourage the purchase of the ‘promoted posts’.  This has been going on pretty heavy in the ‘fan’ pages for a while now with increasing gusto each month and just the other day I saw that FB was asking me for money to promote a post on my personal page.  FB is a business and all and I don’t pay a damn penny for it, so I really can’t complain about it all, but there is a ‘but’ in there.  If you want a better and much more researched explanation on what’s going on that pretty much reflects my feelings on the whole think, you can click here to go read the series of articles on No Clean Singing.

While what I’m about to say has already been stated in the above linked articles, I feel like reiterating some points as to why I this kind of annoys me and what you can do to help keep the seed of heavy metal spreading virally.

I do like seeing our humble little blog receive likes and new fans on FB.  It makes me feel like that people are genuinely interested in what I have to say about things and all that other self-gratification stuff.  I also like being able to talk with our readers who choose to voice their opinion on FB instead of on the comments on the blog.  But truth be told, if FB were to disappear tomorrow I really wouldn’t be phased other than an ‘Oh, that sucks’ as I crank up my radio or go back to my game.

What would irk me though is that if FB disappeared tomorrow, what would all the broke-ass up and coming bands and labels do for promotion.  Yes, they could go back to doing it the old way and spread the word of their music locally, but when you have a tool you can use to talk to the whole world at the same time, which one do you think will get the music out there better. If not for FB I don’t think I would have ever found out about some bands that I have come to enjoy immensely.  Even with FB’s new way of limiting post visibility and promotion, I think that bands should still go on and keep using FB to promote themselves.  If just one more person that never heard of you digs your music, you win.

Now onto what you can do to combat FB new policies (for now) and help spread the word of metal.  To over simplify things, the more engagement a type of post has on a ‘fan’ page the more likely it will show up in people’s newsfeeds.  For example: on our FB page I like to post funny pictures about metal quite regularly.  Compared to all of our other posts those receive the most ‘likes’ and comments.  When I look at the ‘reach’ (the amount of people who have viewed the post) is significantly higher than when I post an update about a new article on the blog (which leads me to believe that some people think that our FB page is a funny picture page instead of a promo page for a blog, but that’s another story).

The same works for bands promoting their music, news, etc.  So what YOU need to do is when you see a post by a band you dig is put a ‘like’ on the post to help increase the posts visibility on other people’s pages and better yet drop a comment to increase that post visibility ten-fold.  The metrics don’t care if you write gobbledygook, but when they detect a comment they get all happy and really start spreading the love.  ‘Sharing’ posts makes the numbers go crazier than a virgin at a porno shoot.

So, in short, interact with your favorite band’s posts (and everything else you’re a fan of).  It does have an impact.  And to be self-serving for a moment, interact with our posts on FB, especially when it’s a band you never heard of.  One big reason I love doing Metal State is to have a platform to tell people to check out a band I’m digging in hope that they dig on them too.  So if just one other person becomes a fan of a band I’m talking about I feel like I’ve done a job well done.  If two people become fans, even better, and so on.  I’m sure that the bands themselves are quite appreciative too.  And from the bottom of my heart, Thanks for reading my sloppy thoughts, your support of this humble blog, and spreading the word of glorious metal!  Peace Love and Metal!!

Video Games and Metal Rambling

Since I was a wee one in the early 80’s there have been 2 things that have really stuck with me non-stop since I first got my hands on them.  Heavy metal and video games.  Both I wholly enjoy equally and enjoy on a near regular basis.  Each medium I have been lucky enough to have been around to enjoy since their near beginnings and have more or less grown up along side of them.  I still remember the first time I swung across the alligator in the pond in Pitfall and I’ll never forget Bruce Dickinson’s scream on Number of the Beast.  These early memories with video games and music are some that I will always cherish.  With both mediums one could say that their high point was in the 80’s.  Nintendo was delighting the worlds imagination with games like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda and bands like Metallica and Slayer were making huge marks on the metal landscape, all forever changing the ways both would advance in the future.

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