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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1995 / #4 and #3

MetalCatOil and water, that’s what we have today. First, viscous sludge that oozes through cracks and fissures deep underground; then hard rock, which has become the modern pop music of metal people.

Dark Metal Cat says actual pop music causes global warming because it’s all hot air. Cats are bad at making analogies.



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Matt’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs: #16- Stargazer covered by Týr

stars_1230_600x450While no one can match Rainbow’s musical masterpiece “Stargazer”, Faroese metal band Týr come pretty damn close.  As with almost all of the covers you will find on this list, the covering band makes sure to inject their own sound and personality into the song and attempt to make it their own while still respecting the source material.  Such is the case with “Stargazer”.  Mixed with the very recognizable Týr guitar tone and vocal style I can picture Mr. Dio smiling in his grave each time this tune is played.

While the original still sounds amazing today and more than holds up, it is also really cool hearing this tune with a fresh coat of paint.  And the heathenistic style of Týr shine a light in a different angle at it.  Anywho, check it out and enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Týr version:

Original Rainbow version:

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Matt’s Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time: #65-#61

Over on my favorite forum for rambling about metal, The History of Metal (it’s an open Facebook forum, so anyone, meaning you, can join and flap your jaw about metal with a wide variety of metalheads from all over the world), the admin made a challenge to all the members to create their top 100 albums of all time. Loving making lists I’m all on this. Between the ~1500 albums I have there is a lot to filter through and this has turned into quite a daunting, yet fun, challenge. This list will represent where I am with my favorite albums right now, if I were to do this last year or next year, while being similar, I’m sure there would be lots of differences. My only self-imposed limitation on this is I’m confining each band 3 albums in the list to avoid entire, very large, discographies over saturating it. Every 5 days or so I’ll make a post with the next 5 entries into the list. Fellow bloggers, I extend this challenge to you (and be sure to let me know where and when you’ll be posting it, I’d love to read it), and for readers without a blog join up with THOM and post yours there! Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

#65: Blue Record by Baroness

After being thoroughly impressed with Baroness’ major label debut Red Record I had high hopes for the GA boys. They have a unique prog metal sound filled with a deep haze of psychedelia and sludge and a style that was heavy as hell but never overpowering, but quite graceful. Blue Record was able to take everything that made Red Record so great and just build and improve on it. The songs are all meaningful and catchy and each one memorable. As the years go by since its release in 2009 I find myself listening to it on a pretty regular basis still with now signs of slowing up. Signs of a timeless record.

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