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Game Review: Need For Speed: The Run (Xbox 360)

51vdS6xNwNL__AA300_Every year it seems like video games get a bit more polish and shine…sometimes.  It started with the sports games.  Every year the rosters got updated, the graphics a little shinier (hopefully), and game play tweaked just in time for whatever sports season was about to begin.  I fall prey to baseball every year. Many other non-sports games followed suit and now we have sequel upon sequel released on an annual basis to the point where new original games are the rarity.  The Need for Speed (NFS) franchise is no stranger to wash, rinse, and repeat.  The 18th in the franchise, Need for Speed: The Run is just another racer, but this one comes with a twist unlike any other NFS game.  Instead of racing on the underground circuit, running from the cops, or tearing up an imaginary city, Need for Speed:  The Run, uses real cities with a clear objective; race from San Francisco to New York in order to cash in and break away from the mob bosses that “own” you.

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