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Album Review: Our Own Masters by Valient Thorr

PromoImageAt some point last year I got introduced to Valient Thorr by way of some best beard in metal contest on the internet and since the vocalist and participant, Thorr Himself, in the contest really looked like that guy from The Hangover movie (Zach Galifianakis) my curiosity was piqued and I went to check out some of their tunes.  Lo and behold I had one of those moments where I was asking myself where had this band been my whole life.  Heavy metal energy, punk rock attitude, and the spirit of good ol’ classic rock and roll.  Needless to say I immediately grabbed me some music by them and totally grooved on it.  They now have a new album out called Our Own Masters and I am excited to hear some fresh material from fun little band and share my thoughts on the record with you.

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Album Review: Pasadena Napalm Division – Pasadena Napalm Division

pasadenanapalmdivisioncover (2)If I asked you to listen to a song called 100 Beers with A Zombie from a band called Pasadena Napalm Division what would you think?  You would probably think it’s silly and take it with a grain of salt, but listen anyway.  Would it change things a bit if I told you former DRI vocalist Kurt Brecht was fronting the band?  I bet it would.  Now take them seriously!  Out of Texas, comes Pasadena Napalm Division with their Hardcore Punk, and primarily Thrash concoction very much worth taking note, especially for fans of DRI during their Thrash Zone and 4 of a Kind days.

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21 Days ‘Till Doomsday #6 – Don’t Open ‘Till Doomsday (Misfits)

First, off I am not here to debate which era of the Misfits is best.  I know Danzig was there a long time, but I found the album American Psycho to be finger-snapping fu and my first ever Misfits album.  I even managed to catch them open for Megadeth once and had a rootin’ tootin’ good time.   Don’t Open ‘Till Doomsday is one of the many short songs on the 1997 release.  It warns of the dangers of sending a signal to space.  I believe this is something we have actually been doing for many years.  We may regret that someday.  In the song, now “they” are coming…

…We were warned of this coming so long ago
Immortal secrets… man shouldn’t know
Entering a realm where we just don’t belong
We called them and they’re coming…

I hope you enjoy your final Sunday of the Mayan calendar.  Are you even going to bother going to work this week?  I suppose you should just in case we are all here come Saturday morning.  Have a good week…some more cool metal songs coming our way for the final five.

Below is a pretty well done fan video. I it doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the song, more of a horror movie montage, but fun to watch.

Tales From Bandcamp: Holiday in Dystopia by Lion Splicer

Some months ago NY’s Lion Splicer sent us their E.P., Valkyrie, for review.  Both Reggie and I agreed that they were a damn cool band, dug the raw rock and roll with hints of punk rock style, but could have used some refinement and tightening up in some areas, but the songwriting was solid and the music was damn fun.  Well, Lion Splicer have just released their first full length album, Holiday in Dystopia, and I’m here to say they beefed up their quality ten-fold while maintaining that dirty and raw rock and roll sound that made their E.P. so damn groovy.

Holiday in Dystopia is a half hour of driving tunes steeped in good ol’ rock and roll with hearty dashes of thrash metal, punk rock, and funk tossed in.  Lots of killer leads, riffs, punky vocals, and solos brought a smile to my ears.  They also added a slight prog rock element to their sound this time around giving their music a much nicer and smoother dynamic.  No offense to Max, the vocalist, but my favorite tracks off the album were the 2 instrumental tunes “Forgotten City” and “Utopia in Regalia” where there is some Frank Zappa love popping up along inside the well written jams.  While not perfect, Holiday in Dystopia, is a damn fun and diverse listen and shows the rapid rate that this NY duo is improving.  If they follow the track they are on now, I see some big things for them in the future.

Give a listen to Holiday in Dystopia, let us know what you thought, and grab a copy for yourself, it FREE!  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp

Video of the Week: Blodtørst

For quite a while I’ve been seeing the band name Kveltertak being tossed around with never a description of what they sounded like but never clicked on the link to check out their music.  Making an ass of u m and e, I just figured that they were another Scandinavian black metal band and went on my way.  I really need to stop doing that, it’s not healthy.  Kveltertak black metal, instead they are a great blend of dirty heavy metal, rock and roll, and crusty punk rock.  It’s all quite fun actually and their animated video for “Blodtørst” is really cool.  Check it out!  Now onto checking out bands that I passed up because of their band name, shame on me.  Peace Love and Metal!!




Album Review: Kevlar Bikini – Explodisiac

Are you having a party comprised of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll? Then I have the perfect soundtrack for your night: the début album of Kevlar Bikini, Explodisiac, follow-up to their promo Damn rocknrollaz, they shook my booty…again. Not just creating badass names, this Croatian quartet also deliver a combo of “metal/badass rock n’ roll/punk”, according to their bio, with some hefty Swedish support on the Sunlight mixing desk. And naturally, I felt obliged to check them out.

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Lion Splicer – E.P. Valkyrie

Lion Splicer is a couple of brothers from New York who are creating their own blend of metal/punk/prog.  Their E.P., Valkyrie, contains three tracks which you can preview below (embedded from bandcamp).  For a couple guys producing their own E.P., I say they are on the right track.  The recording is a bit raw, but after a couple listens I sense they have the talent to become more than the two-piece they are now.

Coming from New York, I can easily hear some punk/hardcore influence on two of the three tracks.  Their cover of Train Kept A Rollin’ is a classic song where they did a good job putting their own spin on it.  Beatrix the Valkyrie is more of a gritty punk/hardcore song reminiscent of early D.R.I., but with more metal influence via extended guitar solo.  Overall, it’s a good metal/punk fusion track with a very punkish bass breakout about ¾ into the song.  Sector 7 (Return to Reactor) starts off with a burst of speed metal before breaking into a riff-heavy punk-infused metal song ending with a touch of progressive rock.  I think the progressive elements of this song shows maturity.  They aren’t just trying to be heavy for the sake of being heavy.

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