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Tales From Bandcamp: Holiday in Dystopia by Lion Splicer

Some months ago NY’s Lion Splicer sent us their E.P., Valkyrie, for review.  Both Reggie and I agreed that they were a damn cool band, dug the raw rock and roll with hints of punk rock style, but could have used some refinement and tightening up in some areas, but the songwriting was solid and the music was damn fun.  Well, Lion Splicer have just released their first full length album, Holiday in Dystopia, and I’m here to say they beefed up their quality ten-fold while maintaining that dirty and raw rock and roll sound that made their E.P. so damn groovy.

Holiday in Dystopia is a half hour of driving tunes steeped in good ol’ rock and roll with hearty dashes of thrash metal, punk rock, and funk tossed in.  Lots of killer leads, riffs, punky vocals, and solos brought a smile to my ears.  They also added a slight prog rock element to their sound this time around giving their music a much nicer and smoother dynamic.  No offense to Max, the vocalist, but my favorite tracks off the album were the 2 instrumental tunes “Forgotten City” and “Utopia in Regalia” where there is some Frank Zappa love popping up along inside the well written jams.  While not perfect, Holiday in Dystopia, is a damn fun and diverse listen and shows the rapid rate that this NY duo is improving.  If they follow the track they are on now, I see some big things for them in the future.

Give a listen to Holiday in Dystopia, let us know what you thought, and grab a copy for yourself, it FREE!  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp


Album Review: Separate Realities by Trioscapes

How to describe this record, hmm.  OK, Trioscapes, a band made up 3 insanely talented musician (Dan Briggs of BTBAM on bass, Walter Fancourt on saxophone and flute, and Matt Lynch on drums and electronics) that play a fun and crazy form of psychedelic jazz fusion progressive metal on their debut record Separate Realities.  The record sounds like if you were to take Frank Zappa, Rush, late 70’s early 80’s era King Crimson, some famous jazz fusion artist I don’t know, BTBAM, and Primus and put them in a blender with a ton of happy pills.  The results come out something quite unique and very refreshing.  From front to back there is never a dull moment in the time melding assaults and groove laden jazz freakouts.  If you’re looking for something upbeat and different to listen to, I have a feeling you will be loving this record, especially if you are a prog fan.

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When Giants Collide

What happens when musical giants collide?  Something really cool, that’s what!  At least that’s what usually happens.  Sometimes it’s an epic fail, but not in this case.  Earlier today I was looking at a Steven Wilson video which led to this video I am about to attach to this post.  It is a clip of Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess on his solo tour where he is joined on stage by Steven Wilson.  As you can imagine, it is a powerful duo.

Personally, I don’t know enough about Steven Wilson.  I will probably download Grace For Drowning soon. I feel like I am missing something by not having it.  It has been a great year in metal which is making my Top 10 of 2011 a tough list to accomplish.  Enjoy the video clip (song).

Song of the Week- The Day the City Died

With the last month of the year closing in it’s time to start thinking about the best releases of the year.  And, wow, what can I say, this has had to have been one of the best years ever in metal, awesome album after awesome album and they’re still coming(seriously go back a couple posts and check out that Cormorant full album stream, you won’t be sorry).  Right now I’m mulling around for who is in the running for the crown and along with Steven Wilson, Machine Head, Cormorant, and Moonsorrow, newcomers to my music library Hammers of Misfortune have a strong chance at getting their hands on the prize with their album 17th Street.  Here is one of my favorite songs off the record “The Day the City Died”.  It also serves to be something a bit topical and fits in quite well with the “Occupy Wall St.” protests(which I support) that have been going on around the world.  Enjoy!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Song lyrics and some insight on the song by Hammers singer/multi-instumentalist/writer John Cobbett after the jump.

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Exploring New Things-Hammers of Misfortune

I never heard of Hammers of Misfortune before until 30 minutes ago when I came across a link to an official full album stream of their upcoming release 17th Street, which will be available on October 25th, 2011.  I’m about halfway through the album and I’m seriously really digging it tons.  Best way to describe the sound so far, take equal parts of Rush and Black Sabbath, blend together then add a good heaping dollop of Queen and sprinkle with Anthrax (the band…)  Go check it out (click on the the picture below), it’s really dang cool.  Then head back here and let us know what you think.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Theme Thursday – Opeth Challenge

Now that Opeth has released an album that is both highly coveted and criticized (Heritage), I thought I would put you to the challenge.  Opeth is a band that records some epic pieces.  If you were take your favorites and cram them all into one CD which songs would  you pick?  It is easier said than done because most of their songs tend to be quite long.   Will you go for quality or quantity?  Taking into consideration you may not have heard Heritage, let’s only choose Opeth songs prior to the release of Heritage.

Here are my picks.  If you agree or disagree by all means tell me/us why.  What would you pick?  A two disc set would be too easy, so what would you select for your 1-CD Opeth best of…?

Here are mine in order I have on my CD:

1.  Reverie/Harlequin Forest off Ghost Reveries

2.  The Leper Affinity off Blackwater Park

3.  Heir Apparent off Watershed

4.  Hope Leaves off Damnation

5.  Coil off Watershed

6.  When off My Arms Your Hearse

7.  The Grand Conjuration off Ghost Reveries

8.  Burden off Watershed

9.  Benighted off Still Life

These are my choices for Opeth’s favorites to fit on one CD.  It was a tough choice because they have such a great library to choose from.  If you have it, how would you factor Heritage on this mix?

Dream Theater – A Dramatic Turn of Events – Review

September 13th marked the end of a nail-biting wait for Dream Theater fans.  The much anticipated Dream Theater release, A Dramatic Turn of Events is upon us.  It’s not that it has been a long time since their previous release, but the mystery and suspense surrounding the future of Dream Theater is over.  A Dramatic Turn of Events is solid Dream Theater!  And Mike Mangini is worth his weight in Gold.

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Song of the Week- Thorn

This weeks Song of the Week comes to you from a Norwegian metal band that goes by the name Leprous.  I checked their new single out, “Thorn”, after coming by some positive buzz about them and, well, I’m rather impressed and look forward to picking up their latest album, Bilateral, when I get an opportunity amidst all this new release madness.  The song its self is extremely catchy with some awesome hooks as well as great musicianship and tons of prog elements.  It also features a guest appearance by Ishan(of Emperor) who adds a nice punch to the track.  Check it out, hope you enjoy.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!!

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Song of the Week – Learning to Live

I have been listening to some old school Dream Theater lately in anticipation for their forthcoming release in September.  When I first heard them in 1992 I was sucked in hook, line, and sinker.  From that point on I eagerly awaited every DT release.  From the Images and Words album, the one that started it all for me, my favorite song is Learning to Live.  Here is the live version of that song for you on this week’s song of the week.  Enjoy!

Song of the Day – Hunter’s Season – 15 Feb 11

The song of the day is Hunter’s Season by Kamelot off the Poetry for the Poisoned album

I only just got into Kamelot about a year ago and I have to say they are a talented band.  As mentioned before on A Metal State of Mind, Kamelot is an experience and not something intended for background noise.  Hunter’s Season was the first song on the album that stuck out for me. It’s a mid-range tempo song that leads into a double-bass drum rhythm complimented by smooth vocals.  There is also a great solo in this song; the only downfall with it is its brevity.

When you listen to Kamelot you really need to devote some time to absorb all the things going on within their music.  Even after multiple listens, I hear things I didn’t notice before.  These guys are climbing the notches on my favorite band list.

Poetry for the Poisoned is really an awesome title for an album let alone a possible band name.  You have to know Kamelot and listen to their music to understand why that title is so appropriate.