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Mammal’s most recommended new albums: Art rock, post rock & math rock

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As I said in the first part of this series, so much great music has been arriving at Metal State this year that it’s impossible to review everything. Yet it would a crime, not merely an omission, if we failed to bring the best of different types of music to your attention. Therefore, here’s another selection of superb bands with new or recent albums that deserve all the attention they can receive.

This episode covers some of the slightly more obscure sub-genres of progressive rock. It’s one of those occasions when I wear my Other Music cap. If you don’t already know, I ostensibly came on board Metal State to review and write about non-metal bands as well as the numerous flavours of metal that tickle my fancy and other parts. We will gloss over the real truth, which is that the Metal State team invited me to join them because I am irresistibly cute and charming, like a favourite garden gnome.

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RoundTable Roundup – Metal State’s Top 15 of 2014!

tech-trends-2014By now you may have seen our individual end-of-year best albums.  If not, our main page is littered with individual lists of what rocked our worlds this year.  Please, check it out.  For those who stopped by, you probably noticed that we at Metal State have varied taste in metal.  Only a few albums made it across multiple annual lists.  Having said that, another list is about to get thrown into the mix; a first for this website.

Throughout the year we put together collective reviews we coined as “roundtable” reviews.  With all four reviewers providing comments on these reviews, we present to you our Top 15, strictly by the numbers.  It is worth noting that some of our roundtable reviews sometimes only include three of four reviewers.  To be fair, we left those albums off this list.  This Top 15 reflects only those albums where all of us could provide comments.  Read the rest of this entry

Roundtable Review: Haze – Clouds Surround And Breathe

ArtWork!Label: Frail Abuse Records

Release Date:  10 August 2014

Songs:  9 tracks                  Length: 45 minutes

Genre:  Post rock/core

Studio Albums: This is their debut

Location:  UK

Recommended for fans of: God Is An Astronaut, Architects, Echoes



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Song of the Week: Empty Yard Experiment – God Has His Reasons

Calling fans of Porcupine Tree and Airbag – if you like them, I believe you’ll like Empty Yard Experiment (EYE) very much too.

EYE is a multinational band that formed in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, in 2006. The line-up is Bojan Preradovic (vocals and rhythm guitar), Mehdi Gr (lead guitar), Kaveh Kashani (bass), Gorgin Asadi (keyboards) and Josh Saldanha (drums, percussion and backing vocals). They’ve opened for big-name bands including Metallica, Evanescence and Anathema.

The band can’t actually be pegged to a single genre such as post rock. That label gives some idea of “sounds like” but they have developed their own, highly evocative and emotive style.




Full Album Stream: Utopium – Utopium

There isn’t a lot of info out there about this internationally blended quartet, so let’s let the music do the talking because with Utopium, the music is what it is all about.  The nine-track self-titled album isn’t very long, but the music contained therein is more than enough to alter your mood.  Utopium is light on vocals and heavy on their indie/alt rock musicianship.  The band has been a way for a while prior to the release of their new album.  Utopium formed in the late 90s and released a couple of EPs and full-length albums throughout the years.  Their new self-titled work was released 28 April 2014.

For fans of A Place to Bury Strangers, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine, Slint, The Jesus And Mary Chain…

Album Review: Karhide – Colossus EP

Colossus-Front-CoverRelease Date: April 14th, 2014 on Field Records

Tracks: 4

Length: 17 minutes

Genre:  Post rock/metal/electronic

Previous releases: Acadia 2010, Rough Sleep EP 2013, Remember Remember EP 2013, two splits

Location: Southampton, UK

Recommended for fans of: Pelican, Jesu, Mogwai, Russian Circles, Mono

Description: A while ago we reviewed one man project Karhide’s previous release and I loved it, it certainly left me wanting more. I didn’t have to wait long; all of a sudden another Karhide promo turned up! I have to say, this EP was a nice surprise. It’s just as good, if not better than the last one. Its heavier and faster nature will most likely be more appealing to other metalheads as well.

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Roundtable Album Review: Midnight Moonswings – The Surrogate Piano

Midnight_Moodswings_CoverLabel: GodHatesGod Records

Release Date: December, 2013

Songs: 15

Length: 54 minutes

Genre: Post rock

Studio Albums: 1 previous album

Location: Belgium

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Roundtable Review: Arms of Tripoli – Dream in Tongues

Arms of Tripoli coverLabel: Fluttery Records

Release Date: 21 February 2014

Songs: 9

Length: 48 minutes

Genre: Post Rock / Math Rock

Studio Albums: All the Fallen Embers (EP)

Location: Los Angeles, USA

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