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Monday Metal Madness: Iron Maiden Album Covers

Here’s something a little different for you this week.  Instead of videos, let’s go with pictures, namely, album covers, more namely, Iron Maiden album covers.  Created by artist Derek Riggs, Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie the Head has graced every album cover on all of their releases.  Below is the artwork for all of their major releases, check them out and vote for your favorite cover.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!

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Monday Metal Madness – Battle of the Black (American Branch Pt. I)

Looks like Within Temptation eked out Delain by one vote last week in the Dutch Symphonic Metal poll.  Congrats to them!!!

This week and my turn on alternating Mondays lets take a look at the modern Black Metal scene.  I will be pitting 2 bands from the same region together (namely the United State or Scandinavia) and it will ultimately lead up to the final battle of who is king of the modern Black Metal scene.  Note: all the bands I choose won’t be absolutely pure and kvlt, but will certainly fall into the Black Metal category (sorry elitists), and I will be choosing songs from the bands most recent albums to keep everything modern.  And if you are a fan of a specific Black Metal band let me know down in the comments (or on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media form you prefer) and I will include them in future battles.

Over the past handful of years Black Metal bands from the United States have been making waves and, in my opinion, giving the genre a very much-needed boost of new life.  This week the battle will take place in the dark woods of Western America between Oregon’s Agalloch and Washington’s Wolves in the Throne Room.

With a heavy North American Folk music influence Agalloch have proven to be one of the best and most original Black Metal bands to come from the State in recent years.  While there is a large amount of Black Metals famous dissonance and chaos, these guys have put some control behind it and added a good amount of melody to the music.  There is also a huge focus on texture and atmosphere which can be heard in the song I selected for their battle, “Black Lake Niðstång” off of Marrow of the Spirit.

Wolves in the Throne Room, like their contemporary in this battle, also have folk music inspirations in their music as well as a heavy focus on atmosphere.  But unlike their former they revel in the chaos and dissonance much more but churn out some beautiful music just the same.  They have recently enjoyed great success with their latest album, Celestial Lineage, cracking the Billboard charts which in turn led to the whiny elitists calling them ‘hipster metal’ and ‘sell-outs’, but I concur and say that their music is deep, inspired, and they did anything far from selling out. Enjoy “Thuja Magus Imperium”.

Monday Metal Madness – Happy Birthday Vulgar Display of Power

You could argue all day whether grunge is or is not metal, but it’s hard to say that it didn’t have a huge impact on the modern metal scene.  Last weeks poll found its self with a tie between Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.  So congrats to those two pioneering bands!

This week marks the 20th anniversery of one of the most loved metal albums of all time, Vulgar Display of Power by the one and only Pantera.  With VDP, the Texas boys reached ‘a new level’  metal superstardom going 2x platinum and garnering vast amounts of praise from countless fans and music journalists.  I’m pretty sure that just about everyone who reads this blog is well aware of this album and most likely listened to it countless amounts of times, so this weeks poll will be a 2 parter with a bit of homework attached.  First up, which was you favorite music video off of VDP and, second, what was you favorite song off the album.  Your homework, go dust off  your copy of VDP (where applicable) and rock the f’ out to one of the greatest metal albums of all time.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Monday Metal Madness – Heavy Metal Parodies

Last week it looks like Machine Head‘s cover of Iron Maiden‘s “Hallowed Be Thy Name” bested Evile‘s take on Pantera‘s “Cemetery Gates”.  Congrats!!

This week let’s have a bit of a laugh.  Here are 4 bands that like to have a bit of fun with the heavy metal culture.  So, what say you?  Do you like Steel Panther‘s lampooning of 80’s hair metal, Dethklok‘s stabs at death metal, Spinal Tap‘s digs at the early metal scene, or Austrian Death Machine‘s Schwarzeneggerian approach to thrash metal.


Monday Metal Madness – Battle on the High Seas

It looks like the fans would like to see Dream Theater win a Grammy for “On the Backs of Angels”.  I sure hope that the Grammy committee feels the same as the legendary prog-metallers are well deserving and well due for it.

This week the battle rages on over the high seas as Scotland’s Alestorm aims its cannons at New Jersey’s Swashbuckle.  What say ye?  Ya fancy t’ modern thrash metal piratin’ of Swashbuckle o’ ya fancy t’ classic rum swillin’ sounds of t’ buccaneers Alestorm?  Cast yer  anchor fer yer favorite!

Alestorm – “Keelhauled”

Swashbuckle – “Cruise Ship Terror”

Monday Metal Madness-Touring Buddies

Last week Down took the victory over Hell Yeah in the video battle.  Congrats to them!!

My excitement and anticipation is at an all time high for a concert I will be attending this Thursday(best Thanksgiving ever, maybe).  Two of my top favorite bands, Opeth and Pain of Salvation will be sharing the stage for a night of amazing prog metal in Milan, Italy.  Opeth will be supporting their latest album Heritage with a more laid-back setlist and Pain of Salvation will be in support of their latest releases, the Road Salt set.

Here’s two performance videos from each band and shows both bands in their more rock setting.  Check out Opeth‘s “Burden” and Pain of Salvation‘s “Linoleum”.  For me, picking a favorite between the two is going to be a daunting task.  What’s  your favorite of the two?  Have a great week!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Video of the Week-Electric Messiah

Recently the guys of Symphony X ran a contest where they asked their fans to send in homemade videos for their new single “Electric Messiah” to win a bundle of Symphony X swag.  I think that a contest like this is a great idea for a band to do.  It gives the fans another way to show their fandom and creates a more personal relationship between the fans and the band.  It’s much cooler than the enter you e-mail and answer this ridiculously simple question for a chance to win, those who want the prize actually have to work for it.  I hope to see more contests like this in the future.  Here are the top 3 winners.  If you haven’t checked out the latest album from the NJ progsters Iconoclast do so, it’s an absolutely killer album.  What do you guys and gals think?  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

2nd and 3rd place after the jump.

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