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Monday Metal Madness – Opinion Poll #1

Readers voted most for Amon Amarth’s cover of Aerials (System of a Down) for the last Monday Metal Madness on 12 Nov.  Coal Chamber’s Shock the Monkey (Peter Gabriel) was a distant second and Megadeth rendition of Paranoid (Black Sabbath) scored zilch, nada, nothing.  Thank you for voting and be sure to catch our Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs posts starting in January 2013.

Recently, your fellow administrators of A Metal State of Mind wrapped up our Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time.  It was fun to create and share with you all and our friends at The History of Metal on facebook.  After all was said and done, I (plantera7) noticed the majority of the bands that made my list came from the United States.  Perhaps that is because I am American, I am not really sure.  I like metal from all over.  There are plenty of other countries out there that put out great metal which brings me to this week’s poll.  It’s basically an opinion piece not accompanied by any videos.  Which country do you think is responsible for some of the “best” metal out there today?  There is no method to the madness, just vote for how you feel.  If you like, post a video from a band of said country as back up; could be worth some discussion.  Thank you for playing.  Within the poll I will list a few countries well-known for their metal, but feel free to write in…

Monday Metal Madness Poll – Good Cover Songs

Looks like the Stoner votes are in and Kyuss took the victory for best Stoner rock band over Monster Magnet and Sleep.  Thank you for playing in that poll and if you haven’t casted your vote there is still plenty of time.  You can check out that poll here.

Starting sometime in January, A Metal State of Mind will post our Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs in increments in lieu of the Theme Thursday.  The Theme Thursday will become an as necessary post since we have been doing that nearly two years.  For this week’s poll I am going to give you a small glimpse into what you will see on my (plantera7’s AKA Reggie) Top 25 cover song list.

These three cover songs represent the high, medium, and low of my list…a top 10, bottom 10, and one in the middle.  I am not going to spoil my list that much as far as who places where, but I am curious to see how you vote for what you think is the better of these cover songs.

Here are your choices…

First up is Coal Chamber’s version of Shock the Monkey.  The original was recorded by Peter Gabriel which makes this cover qualify for an “unlikely” cover which was the subject of a theme some time ago.  I like their take on the song where they made it their own, but didn’t stray too far from the core of the song.  Do you also notice the cameo?

Second is Megadeth’s rendition of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid.  I have to say it is all the cover songs of Black Sabbath that got me more into Black Sabbath themselves.  That sounds like it doesn’t make much sense, but I am more fond of Sabbath covers than the band itself, but that is slowly changing.  This is not the ony Sabbath cover on my list; just one I chose for this poll. What to you think?

This cover struck me as odd when I first heard Aerials covered, but it is very well done.  I would have never imagined Amon Amarth knew who System of a Down was, but I stand corrected.  Again, this is another example of a band making the song their own, but not steering too far from the core of the song.



Monday Metal Madness: The Original Stoner Rockers

Last weeks poll/quiz resulted in no one guessing the correct answer with the majority believing that Annihilator had a revolving door of members wider than a hooker’s (insert favorite word for the female genitalia here).  The band with the most members in and out of the group goes to Suicidal Tendencies with a whopping 26 different people in the band at one time or another.  Here’s the amounts for the rest:

Megadeth – 18
Annihilator – 25
Iced Earth – 25
Overkill – 13
Metal Church – 19
Opeth – 15

While my days of burning doobies is behind me for the most part, the music that I loved to listen to while flying high stuck with me.  Due to massive amounts of psychedelia rock/metal with those trippy elements gets labeled as stoner rock/metal, but I find that the music is highly enjoyable even without the aid of certain naturally occurring plants that are dried and lit on fire for recreational purposes.  The 3 biggest names that get dropped when referring to the pioneers of the style are Kyuss, Monster Magnet, and Sleep.

All 3 bands released their debut albums at around the same time, so it’s difficult to say which one was the true originator.  But since they each offer a much different sound from the other, let’s just say they all share the pioneer honors.  Eventually Kyuss and Sleep broke up as members of the bands went on to form bands like Queens of the Stoneage and High on Fire and Monster Magnet gradually drifted away from the heavy psychedelic sound in lieu for a more hard rock focus (they still do retain a lot of their original trippy sound though).  So, of the 3 which one appeals to the THC drenched part of your metal heart the most?  Enjoy!!

Monster Magnet:

“Cyclops Revolution” off of the album Superjudge


“Thong Song” off of the album Blues for the Red Sun


“Dragonaut” off of the album Holy Mountian

Monday Metal Madness – Revolving Doors

Contrary to what I have been reading on several websites and facebook groups; looks like 61% the voters here at A Metal State of Mind want to see a Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde on guitar.  Though, no one could really replace Dimebag, Zakk would certainly do the job justice.  As far as I am concerned, I would be a ticket holder for such an event.   Thank you for voting and joining us on our Monday Metal Madness polls.

This week, I am going with a trivia-based poll.  Over the years, doing research for reviews and other articles revealed that some bands (more than I imagined) had quite a revolving door of band members.  The bands listed in this poll have all had no less than 13 “former” band members.  The numbers I used for this poll does NOT include the current band members.  Also, I used the internet for my research and we all know the World Wide Web is not always accurate.

Here is your challenge:  Without doing any research, which of the following bands had the most “former” members?

Also, since I came up with this trivia poll, I will obviously not be voting on my own poll.  Enjoy, and if you want to comment with your thoughts about revolving band members let’s chat about it in the comments box.

Monday Metal Madness: Should There Be a Pantera Reunion

Recently the rumors of a Pantera reunion have been surfacing again.  But, how could that happen now that the great Dimebag Darrell is no longer with us.  Well the big rumor point is that Zakk Wylde has been approached about filling some pretty fucking big shoes.  It seems that Zakk, Phil, and Rex are down with the idea but Vinnie Paul (Dime’s brother) has yet to comment on the whole idea.  If you have been following the drama since the demise of Pantera and the death of Dimebag, it is well-known that Phil and Vinnie are on less than good terms (even after Phil has reached out multiple times, even going as far as say he’d let Vinnie physically batter him while he stood there and took it, to get on good terms with his former bandmate).  But even if Vinnie let go of his grudge, and joined up for the project, would it really be a great idea?

I don’t think so.  Dime was such an integral part of Pantera and seeing the band performing without him under the Pantera name seems like heresy to me.  On a realistic note, I think it would be killer if there was a tribute band for Pantera featuring some original members of the legendary group.  Call it Far Beyond Driven or something.  That way the Pantera name isn’t used without Dime and fans can still jam out to some awesome Pantera tunes as close as they will get them.  Even if Vinnie never lets go of his grudge, he won’t be able to say that Phil and Co. are tarnishing the Pantera name that him and his brother started years ago.  So, what say you?  Aye, Nay, or Triubte band?  Peace Love and Metal!!!!




Monday Metal Madness: Trolls vs. Goblins vs. Orcs

Of all the creatures in the high fantasy realm Trolls, Goblins, and Orcs are by far the nastiest and most metal.  Trolls all big and lumbering with a penchant for the tasty flesh of a Christian.  Orcs known for their brutal and war-like, take no prisoners nature.  And the fun-loving Goblins who will howl laughter as they rip apart your viscera with their long, sharpened talons on their fingers.

Given the very heavy metal nature of these creatures, there are many bands who use them as the forefront of their image, often basing their entire bands style around them.  Of the 3 races here are 3 bands that represent their mystical creature of choice.  Give a listen to some Finntroll, Nekrogoblikon, and A Band of Orcs and vote for your favorite.  And hopefully when the dust and blood is settled on who is the best, these 3 will unite to do battle against a common enemy and tour together.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!



A Band of Orcs




Monday Metal Madness – The Least Worst Of…

For the last poll, Sammy Hagar took the votes for the guy that held the reins in Van Halen a little better than John Bush did for Anthrax.  Thank you for playing…

Most of our polls here at A Metal State of Mind usually revolve around something we think you will like.  They tend to focus on which bands, songs, albums, or even people we like the most and then we cast a vote.  It’s a pretty simple formula we like to use here. This time around I am going to focus some attention on which bands are notoriously “unliked” by the average die-hard metalhead.  Therefore, it will be a little bit more difficult to choose the least worst of for this week’s poll.  So, for the first time on this site you will see bands like Nickelback with a linked video that we are going to ask you to watch.

As far as the poll is concerned, which one of these bands is the one you like the most or unlike the least?  Cast your vote below.  Also, if there is a band listed in this week’s poll you actually really like, please let us know in the comment box.  In fact, if you can convince me (plantera7) that any one of these bands has a “great” album…I’ll go ahead and review it.  I just need some good convincing.  Here are a few videos from bands that tend to catch a lot of flack…

Monday Metal Madness: Folk Yeah!

Looks like George Lynch and Co. (Dokken) took the poll last week with %100 of the votes.  Good choice guys!

Ahhh, folk metal.  An idea that looks insane on paper.  Mix folk instruments and melodies with intense and brash metal music, umm, yeah, sure.  But when put into practice folk metal is one of the most unorthodox and fun sub-genres of metal.  The melodies meld great with the crushing guitars, the diverse set of instruments add a new level of dynamic, and the often common themes of history, battles, and Lord of the Rings kinda stuff fits in perfectly with many of metal’s lyrical themes.

Here are 4 very diverse folk metal bands to go head to head for the Metal State of Mind Folk Metal Battle Trophy™.  Give a listen to the songs, which I picked as my favorite from each band, but other songs you may know of can also hold sway (ie. vote for the band, not the song 😉 ), and then cast your vote.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!


These Finnish booze hounds are the most cheerful of all the different folk metal bands out there.  That happy energy really shows in their songs as they sing about drinking booze, being a farmer, and winning battles.  Their music is almost always as playful as it is heavy and if it doesn’t put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step, well, you just need to lighten up a bit.

I also find it amazing that as much as the band seems to be always liquored up they are able to maintain a nearly annual album release schedule where each record is consistently a solid listen.


While the band themselves don’t acknowledge the folk metal label preferring to call themselves ‘heathen metal’, their music is still laden with a diverse set of folk melodies, themes, and sounds and instruments.  Their music has some in common with later era Bathory where he went and pretty much created Viking metal, but they take that concept and run a million more miles with it creating some of the best music that the whole realm of metal has to offer.  Moonsorrow is also one of the few metal bands that can write multiple songs that surpass the 30 minute mark and keep me completely engaged from start to finish.


Probably the most popular of all the folk metal bands, Eluveitie take the Gothenburg sound and add a diverse line-up of folk instruments to it, including the goofy sounding and looking hurdy gurdy.   One thing the band does that I find quite unique and interesting is they often use the Gaulish language (a dead Celtic language) in their song which ties right in with their themes which revolve around the Gauls and the Gaulish War.  I also appreciate the fact that they keep their music diverse and not focus on the heavy 24/7 by adding beautiful and mellow sections and interludes to their albums.  They even released an ‘acoustic’ album that is well worth checking out.


If a bunch of trolls were to start up a metal band they’d sound like Finntroll.  While very aggressive and brutal the music is also delightfully playful and mischievous, just like trolls.  From album to album Finntroll just keeps getting better and better with their latest, Nifelvind, being one the best folk metal albums ever released. It’s also worth noting that founding member and keyboardist Henri Sorvali is also the founding member and guitarist of Moonsorrow.  He’s some kind of folk metal genius.

Monday Madness: Competitive Multiplayer Games

So, today I feel like doing something a little different with the weekly poll.  Instead of something metal related like I should be doing I’m going to take it in my other favorite direction, video games.  In particular competitive multiplayer games.  Since the advent of video games playing along with a buddy has always been a big part of gaming, and for me meeting lots of friends and getting to know them better through gaming.  Whether we are bouncing a square ball back and forth in pong, having a little fisticuffs in Tekken, tossing the pigskin in Madden (or better NFL 2K), or racing toe-to-toe in Burnout competing against a friend or even a random person is always a good time and (almost) always presents a better challenge than going up against a computer.

For the sake of the poll I’ll keep it with the popular modern competitive genres: FPS (C.O.D, Halo, Team Fortress), 3rd Person Shooter (GTA, Red Dead Redemption), Racing (Burnout, Need for Speed),Sports (Madden, NBA 2K), RTS (Starcraft, Warhammer), 4X (Civilization, Rome: Total War), Fighting (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat), MMOPVP (World of Warcraft PVP, Guild Wars), Music (Guitar Hero, Rock Band), or Leaderboard games (Super Meat Boy, anything with a highscore leaderboard).

To keep some form of metal in this if you would be so awesome as to make a comment on what you voted for and let everybody know what your favorite metal band or type of metal you like to listen to while your pwning noobs.  I’ll go first.  I’m a big fan of RTS games, especially online.  To me, no other game genre will put your brain into overdrive like having to manage your economy on the fly setting up a macro strategy and preparing for how you will commence your attack plan while having to keep a strong defense in mind.  The big rush really comes from when I start with my attack pushes having to focus on what all my attack units are doing as well as keeping my economy upkeep rolling at the same time (building new units, tweaking my strategy to what will work best for the current and hopefully next situation, etc).  While my mind, mouse, and keyboard are going a million miles a second I need some more mellow music to keep me level, but at the same time I like a little brutality too.  Post metal, in particular Isis and Neurosis, always finds its way onto my music player when I fire up a good RTS.

Monday Metal Madness: Bands John Cobbett Has Played In

Over the past couple years I’ve come to really appreciate the sounds of guitarist and songwriter John Cobbett.  He’s probably a name many have never heard of due to him keeping himself out of the spot light along with the bands that he has been part of.  His proggy style is always fun to listen to as well as the great tones he employs on his instruments.  The three major bands he is/has been a part of all benefit greatly from he contributions.  His DIY approach to writing and recording give each album he is a part of a nice earthy, homegrown sound and have a nice analog warmth to them.  Whether you are listening to the diverse and proggy sounds of Hammers of Misfortune, the psychedelic black metal of Ludicra, or the power folk prog cock rock what ever it is Lord Weird Slough Feg it is guaranteed that you are going to be listening to a solid and expertly crafted record.

If you already dig on the bands he’s been a part of, then cool, you are one step ahead of the rest so go vote on your favorite musical vehicle of his.  If not, check out the posted tunes below and delve into the musical genius of John Cobbett and the friends that he plays with, and feel free to do some video jumping digging a bit deeper into each bands catalog.  Then give a vote to your favorite of the 3.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!


Hammers of Misfortune

Lord Weird Slough Feg