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Gaming System Review: Playstation Vita

81Q2w6E+ULL._SL1500_I was never one to truly appreciate a handheld gaming system.  I tried the Nintendo Gameboy and that was short-lived.  I tried the Sony PSP and that was also short-lived.  I guess I have been spoiled by loud, heavy consoles and the power contained therein displayed on a large HD screen.  But, here I am trying another handheld system, this time the Sony Playstation Vita.  I do have a reason though.  Due to pending work-related requirements overseas, I felt it best to leave my console and all its accessories at home with the kiddies and opt for something more portable, something I can use on a plane and pretty much any time I want.  After (some) extensive research I felt the Vita was best for me.  It arrived in the mail recently, here are my thoughts on what it has to offer and its portable power.

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Reggie’s Top 25 Favorite Videogames of All-Time #15-11

yo_videogames__by_ry_spirit-d57k3ayAfter doing several “best of” lists centered on music, it’s time to turn attention to my favorite videogames.  Coming up with a best 25 was hard to do since I have been twiddling my joystick for quite some time now…since Atari – get your minds out of the gutter!  I can bet with quite certainty that some of my favorite games are long forgotten and left off this list, but for the sake of picking 25 games I looked at the ensemble of consoles and PC games I played over the years.  I think I captured the breadth of my favorite games across a spectrum of genres.  To put them in order was another task all-together since each game provided a different experience at a different point in my life.  So, I would place less emphasis on where the game is on my list and pay more attention to the fact that it made my list at all.  Of all the games I played in my life narrowing my favorites down to 25 speaks volumes of the game’s impact on me.  Enough rambling, let’s get on with the list!

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