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Mik’s Top 25 All Time Favorite Video Games #25-21

525. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

This is a game that never gets too old and never gets boring. It’s simple, it’s good looking, it’s loads of fun. I love strategy games and when it’s combined with fantasy characters and imaginative worlds it’s very entertaining. With funny characters, four different “races”, intriguing plot and heroes that you can level up as well as gear up there are lots of things to do. The only thing that is more fun than the different worlds and campaigns in Warcraft III are the many tower defense-maps you can find on the internet. Build and destroy, build and destroy.

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Video of the Week – Revenge of the Zombie

Lately, I have been playing this insanely addicting game called Plants Vs. Zombies.  You can play it on several formats; Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, iPad App, etc., it is easy to find.  The game boils down to planting enough plants to keep the zombies at bay and prevent them from entering your house.  It’s simple and probably one of the best App games I own.  Therefore, I am dedicating this week’s video to none other than zombies.   Six Feet Under has recorded more than one zombie-related song…this one is a fan video put to a movie.  If you haven’t played Plants Vs. Zombies, it is well worth your time and if you like metal, but not games then simply enjoy the Video of the Week – Revenge of the Zombie.