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Theme Thursday – For Those Who Rocked…

On July 11th, 2001 Slipknot headlined the (Sunday) last day of Sonisphere, UK.  What made this particular event so special was it marked Slipknot’s first live appearance since the death of bassist Paul Gray.  This got me thinking of bands that have lost band members.  In particular, it got me thinking about what happens to the band when a musician dies.  Sometimes, the band moves on and sometimes it is the end complete.

This theme Thursday is a tribute to those who rocked, but unfortunately met their demise way too early in life.  I wanted to take a few minutes to remember their contributions to metal and share them with A Metal State of Mind readers.  I can’t possibly list them all so if I missed one of your favorite rockers please let us know about their accomplishments in the comments box.

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Album of the Week- 16 Oct 2010

Good Morning All,

This week’s album of the week is one of my favorites.  It has become one of my all time favorites since the lead singer and bassist passed away.  The death of the pivotal member of this band was the greatest blow of all the rock deaths in the last year (or so). 

This week’s Album of the Week is “October Rust” by Type O Negative

Released in 1996, this album is not one of their most critically acclaimed, but it is one of my favorites.  Type O Negative are the masters of gothic metal, and they seemed like they genuinely had fun while making music, despite their persona.  

It seems like the metal community lost more bass players than anything this last year.  We also lost Mike Alexander (Evile) and Paul Gray (Slipknot) in addition to Peter Steele.  Peter Steele’s death seemed to fly under the radar, but to me, it was the most upsetting.

RIP Peter Steele.  You can never be replaced.