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Reggie’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs #23 – Mr. Crowley

mr-crowley-coverI had a chance to see Judas Priest with both Ripper and Halford leading the charge. Though Ripper was a great replacement vocally, nothing compares to Halford leading Priest when it comes to showmanship.  Tim “Ripper” Owens has been around the block outside of his stint in Judas Priest.  He is or was with the following bands:  Brainside, Winter’s Bane, Iced Earth, Beyond Fear, Yngwie Malstein’s Rising Force, and more recently Charred Walls of the Damned.  Not to mention, he has been part of many tribute albums.  One in particular, Bat Head Soup, was a tribute to Ozzy and this is where he lent his vocal talent with Malmsteen by his side on guitar covering Mr. Crowley.

If you ask me, there are some songs that are great to cover and some that shouldn’t be touched.  Mr. Crowley is somewhere in between for me. It’s a tricky song to cover because of Ozzy’s unique vocal style and the guitar prowess of Randy Rhoads (RIP).  I think only a few select people can cover this song properly; Ripper being one of those guys and of course the talent of Malmsteen.  If I were to do a list of 100 guitar awesome solos, this song would probably appear on that list.

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The 12 Days of Metalmas: Day 2: Two Headless Doves

Picture 011On the second day of Metalmas my true love gave to me
2 headless doves
and an Opeth in a pear tree.

Besides being one of the most revered heavy metal musicians, Ozzy Osbourne is also quite famous for the time he bit the head off a dove. “After signing his first solo career record deal he came in to meet some of the people who worked there. His plan was to release the doves into the air to get people to notice him, but when no one noticed, he changed his plans. He grabbed one dove, bit its head off, then spit the head out. Then with blood still dripping from his lips a security guard came to remove him and on the way out he bit the head off of another dove.”

Reggie’s Top 100 Favorite Albums of All Time #25-21

As we journey down the path to my number 1 favorite album of all time, you will likely see more and more classic metal albums appearing on the list.  Many of these albums have been my favorites for decades while some are relatively new….only came into my life in the last couple of years.  This all-time list is an ongoing effort started by our friends at The History of Metal page on facebook.  Each day we list another album until we get to the end which should take us just up to the end of the year.  Below is my next list of five as we near our way to #1.  Enjoy!

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Monday Metal Madness – Iconic Frontmen

Well, it looks like Opeth fans lean more toward the middle of their discography.  The newer stuff didn’t get much love, the old material took second place.  Thank you for voting…that was a tough one.

This week we are going to take a look at iconic frontmen.  These are the guys that made a name for themselves not only as a vocalist, but for being the guy in the front; the one that gets the crowd moving and maintains a certain level of energy throughout the show.  In some cases they may even be a bit of a recluse, but the bottom line is that when you hear the band’s name you immediately think of the frontman.  They are also the spokesperson for the band, often doing most of the interviews and other things where they get are often put in the spotlight.  Keep in mind, this poll isn’t necessarily about the music…but, the guy out front.  Which one do you like and/or respect the most?  For this post I eliminated vocalists whose band is named after them.  So, no Ozzy (solo) or Marilyn Manson, etc.

Concert Review: Gods of Metal (Day 4) (Ozzy & Freinds, Opeth, Black Label Society, Lamb of God) Milan, Italy June 24, 2012

From the second I heard that one of my all-time favorite bands and fathers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath, were going to reunite for a tour I jumped on grabbing tickets as soon as possible.  No other bands were yet announced, but man, an opportunity to see Black Sabbath in what could be their final tour, hells yeah, you can’t put a price on that.  Unfortunately due to Tony Iommi’s battle with leukemia which arose after tour dates were set in the Black Sabbath show that was scheduled was canceled.  Luckily Mr. Tony Iommi was able to muster up enough strength to pull of a single homecoming show in his hometown of Birmingham, England and got to get the satisfaction of having the band come full circle and land back at home.  To Mr. Iommi, I say get well soon and I can’t wait till you can get the Sabbath ball rolling again.

But what about all the other shows that Black Sabbath promised to play?  Well, what’s the next best thing to Black Sabbath?  How about the face of the band, Mr. John Michel Osbourne, err, Ozzy!  Well, I bought tickets to see Black Sabbath, I’ve already seen Ozzy God knows how many times now and Black Sabbath only twice.  They tossed in Slash, Zack Wylde, and Geezer Butler, so I guess I can say I was sold on not trying for a refund on my ticket.  Having Opeth on the bill too, helped a pinch 😉  But before I get too ahead of myself, how about a little info on what else went down that day, it was a festival after all.

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Monday Metal Madness – Unusual Covers

Last week, Einherjer took the votes for the Scandinavian black metal part II poll.  Good luck to them as this series narrows down to a black metal champion.

This week I am exploring some covers.  Not your outstanding tribute songs like Machine Head’s Hallowed be thy Name or Trivium’s Master of Puppets, but more the song that you might not expect a band to cover.  See the video clips below and see what these metal bands did to iconic pop songs.  Also, let us know what you think about cover tunes.   Furthermore, what you think about artists like Elton John being covered by a metal band?  Which one of the covers below do you think is best?

This first one is from Life of Agony.  They covered Simple Minds Don’t You (Forget About Me).  This song was featured in the 80’s teen classic The Breakfast Club.

This next song was probably one of the first covers I ever heard by a metal band covering something nonmetal.  Flotsam and Jetsam covered Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) originally recorded by (Sir) Elton John in 1973…so, it’s as old as me.  Nickelback also covered this song.  Not that it matters, we’ll stick with Arizona’s Flotsam and Jetsam for this poll.

You may not have heard of The Bronx Casket Co., but this is Overkill bassist D.D. Verni’s project.  They are pretty good and worth checking out.  Of course, they are on this poll because they covered perhaps the most nonmetal artist on this list…Frank Sinatra.  Check out their version of My Way.

The last song to round out this week’s poll is from Coal Chamber.  Not only did they manage to take a Peter Gabriel song, Shock The Monkey and cover it, they brought along Ozzy to help out.  This song was originally released in 1982.

I hopefully achieved my goal of bringing you some classic nonmetal songs that were covered by metal bands.  Personally, I think all these covers were done quite well and it will be hard to vote myself.  What are your feelings about metal bands taking the lighter side of pop and injecting metal into it?

Oh, and before you mention Faith No More’s version of Easy, I didn’t include it here because they did the cover almost too well.  They didn’t inject any metal into it.  Though, it is one of the best covers of a pop song…if you ask me.

Themed Thursday – Metal Meets The Zodiac

I am not one to normally contemplate my astrology reading of the day.  I do find them interesting at times and often accurate, but sometimes these things can be so vague that they apply to almost anyone.  As we know, signs of the Zodiac are represented by symbols, elements, planets, and stones.  Why not metal bands?  If you know your sign, you should know what band applies to you.  This is what my research for this theme of the week is going to do.  No longer will you have to say you are Aries symbolized by the ram.  Now, you can say I am Aries represented by Arch motherfucking Enemy.  Here is my breakdown of what band should represent you and your astrological sign.

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Book Review – I Am Ozzy

I greatly appreciate any time my wife comes home with metal related things unexpectedly.  Her buying me I Am Ozzy was one of those moments.  I was probably more of fan when I was younger, but I was always a fan and still am.  I like the classics more than the newer stuff, but the newer stuff isn’t bad.  Since I read Mustaine I have been more interested in reading autobiographies lately.  There are about five more Artist books on my Amazon wish list.  My wife, the avid reader, clued in on my desire to learn more about the artists and was more than happy to buy me the written word.

First, the ghost writer did a great job making the book sound as if it was Ozzy talking.  Having said that, there is a considerable amount of British slang.  Living in England at the moment helped get through all of that stuff.  If I had never lived in England I might have been a little lost and have resorted to the internet for a few answers.  Getting pissed in England means to get drunk.  There was a lot of “getting pissed” in the book.  Kudos to the writer for keeping the book Ozzy.

The first half of the book revolves around Black Sabbath, which for the most part, is before my time.  I mean I was born during the era of the Sabbath, but it’s still before I realized what impact music can have on a person.  I learned a lot about Ozzy’s home life to include family members and the relations therein.  Many of the infamous incidents were explained a little more in-depth such as the bat and dove biting and pissing on the Alamo…and I don’t mean getting drunk on the Alamo.   Ozzy talked a lot about his drug habits for which I was surprised.  I didn’t realize he was still popping pills even during The Osbourne’s TV show.  I thought most of that gibberish he was speaking was as a result of drugs, but he was still getting high.  I remember taking one vicodin after a knee surgery and feeling like a zombie.  I didn’t take any more and never plan to.  Ozzy was popping 25 day among other things.

The biography then moved on to Ozzy’s solo days, but not as in-depth as I would have liked to read.  Ozzy didn’t talk much about the revolving band members much…Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, and Mike Bordin.  I would have liked to know more about his relationship with them and their contribution to Ozzy’s music.

I never knew Randy Rhoads’ plane crashed into Ozzy’s bus while Ozzy and Sharon were in it.  I knew about the crash, but not the details.  There was much to learn in I Am Ozzy and I enjoyed reading about it.  There was a lot of talk about the reality show and Ozzy’s kids drug problems as well.  I was hoping to read more about Ozzfest, but mostly it was about how it started.  I would have liked to read about the experience of putting all that together and how Ozzy got along with the bands he invited on the tour.  I also would have liked to read about the little tiff between Ozzy and Iron Maiden when Sharon pulled the plug on Maiden during an Ozzfest tour.

I Am Ozzy was a great read.  It was nice to learn a lot.  I recommend this bio if you are even the slightest Ozzy fan.  I think it will give you some insight.  Personally, I am enjoying reading about metal icons.  I hope more metal artists bet themselves published.  Next on my reading list is Jon Bon Jovi.   Yeah, I didn’t forget where I came from…

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