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Middle Eastern Magic: Orphaned Land – All is One

Orphaned LandOf all the Oriental metal bands from the Middle East, few can rival the international renown and the level of esteem held by Orphaned Land, from Israel. The sheer quality and immense variety of their music has won them fans across many metal genres in numerous nations of the world.

The line-up has changed over the decades that Orphaned Land has been performing and recording. There are and have been Jewish and Arab members of the band. The over-riding theme of their music – peace and unity – is very evident in this song, rated their most popular in a number of polls.

No doubt there are some who will complain, “All is not one, you blasphemer.” Tsk.


Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2010, #12 – #9

MetalCatMy choices today are mostly dark and deep except for Pathfinder, which is about 1.5 seconds above us at the speed of light.

I don’t want to visit the Moon. All that dust would make me sneeze. Nor do I need to visit any other planetary or lunar bodies in our solar system. I’ll wait for an advanced civilisation to invite me to visit their world where they destroyed AutoTune as soon as it was invented.


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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2004 / #6 – #4

MetalCatThis is a good day for nothing more energetic than listening to music. The combination of temperature and humidity here in Zululand gives us a humiture, or heat index, of an effective 41 degrees C. That’s on the boundary between “Dangerous” and “Extremely Dangerous” for outdoor activity that requires any exertion.

The Zulu kids on the lawn in front of my office are playing football. I’ll stay here with cool music.


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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 1996 / #2 and #1

MetalCatCenturies separate my top two songs of 1996. One of them draws on folk music roots going back – what’s a long period of time? – yonks. The other is set in a distant future.

One of the innumerable glories of music is that it spans time as well as physical, political and other boundaries. Music is four-dimensional. That’s why it’s so easy to get lost in it.


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Song Of The Week: Orphaned Land – Brother

Orphaned Land from Israel just released their new album “All Is One” yesterday and “Brother” is the first single from it. As always, their music comes with an important message of peace and understanding that applies to everyone, even though they speak it mainly for the part of the world they live in. This is what the singer Kobi Farhi has to say about the song:

“Brother is a love song for a forgotten beloved brother who turned into a blood enemy. And before people go and start off with politic comments, this has nothing to do with politics, or being left or right wing, Jew, Muslim or anything else. We are not taking any sides as musicians, we just tell a story, and we decided to be the first grown-up brother in this story and ask: ‘Forgive me, brother’. Mainly because being mature and grown-up sometimes means that you have to say you’re sorry, even if it’s not only your fault.

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Theme Thursday: Faith Metal

There are countless amounts of themes that come up in various metal songs.  In my opinion, out of all the genres of music, in metal, you will find the most diverse sets of lyrics and imagery between the insane amounts of great bands creating this style of music.  Unfortunately, the mass public sees the often aggressive nature of this music and quickly associates the bands famous for their darker imagery with Satanism, the occult, and the glorification of violence.  Well, there are plenty of bands that thrive on that kind of stuff, but it’s only a small percentage.  I mean, even a band like Slayer, whose lyrics often deal with war, are a group of people crying for peace by showing and making known the horrors of violent conflict.  Black Sabbath were shunned against for their philosophical lyrics based around occult ideas and imagery.  Upon closer inspection their songs more closely resembled Christian and Buddhist philosophies.  You could not only call them the ‘Fathers of Metal’ but also the ‘Fathers of Faith Metal’.  Not everything is what it seems, but I do have to agree that the Dark Lord does get a lot of press and his counter point a lot of negative in the metal realm.

What I’d like to do this week is give the White a spot to shine.  Some call this ‘genre’ Christian Metal, but I don’t really care for that term.  I’m not Christian and don’t always agree with their teachings and don’t share the same stance on many social subjects (if you’re curious, I lean more towards the teachings of Buddhism for my placement of faith/philosophy), but I do think there are lots of good lessons to be learned in the Bible.  I think the term Faith Metal fits this ethos in thematic elements of the band’s music much better.  It doesn’t confine itself to one religion nor one single flavor of metal.  One thing that all these bands have in common is they often profess to a higher power and include teachings of their religious book of choice in their songs and their lyrics and themes are on positive energy side of the spectrum.  And honestly, isn’t one big thing about metal being counter-culture?  Well, Faith Metal is the ultimate counter-culture countering the counter-culture established by metal and at the same time countering the popular culture.  What’s more metal than that?  As one should always do in life, keep an open mind and check out some great music by a nice variety of Faith Metal artists.  Who are some of your favorite Faith Metal bands?  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Music Video Mania

A while ago on my personal blog(which I really haven’t been giving much attention to lately, poor thing) I started doing this weekly post where I chose some kind of theme and posted a bunch of music videos pertaining to that theme.  It was fun to do as I enjoy music videos and making lists of things, but then I migrated myself over to this here blog and got a little lazy and the short lived Music Video Mania got neglected.  Well, I am going to try to right the wrong and bring the series back, not on a weekly basis again but on a when ever I feel up to it basis(a couple times a month about) here on A Metal State of Mind.  For today’s episode I will ctrl-c/ctrl-v one of my older posts and will send over some of my better episodes here and there as well as new ones popping up also, so if some of the things I say in the post seem a bit dated it’s because I’m lazy and didn’t go back and update things that I wrote.  Hope you all enjoy and if you have any suggestions on themes or videos to recommend, let me know.  Without any further ado, here Music Video Mania: Worldwide Metal!!!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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