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Song of the Week – April

April’ is the tenth track from the progressive metal band TesseracT’s debut album ‘One’.  It’s not only my favourite album, it’s my favourite favourite album of all time, of all space and of all other things. It’s difficult for me to select only one song from it, since I always listen to the whole cd from the beginning to the end, but this track will give you a good example of their groovy, technical style and impressive songwriting skills. What I enjoy the most is the passion and sincerity in their music, their talent has amazed me since the first listen. The loud bass is pounding through my speakers and forms the perfect rhythm section together with the drums, the heavy guitars combined with ambient melodies create a complex, layered sound and the vocal performance is creative, emotional and flawless. What more can you ask for?

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Video of the Week – One

This week, Metallica reached a milestone of sorts.  It is the anniversary of their first music video One which aired on MTV in 1989.  It might not seem like a big deal for those of us alive at the time; it really opened the door for metal into the mainstream…just a little bit.  Believe it or not, One played during daylight hours.  To this day, the video holds up well.

I like how the video was shot.  Metallica was filmed in black and white with cut scenes from the movie Johnny Got His Gun…the story behind the song.  For those that do not know, that 1973 movie was based on a novel of the same name published in 1939 written by Dalton Trumbo.  It just so happened, that same year…my Junior year I think, we read that novel in Literature class.  It was a good read if you like anti-war novels.  We did watch the movie also and it followed the story closely.   The story is still very relevant today with the long wars we have been involved with over the last decade…and then some.

Theme Thursday – Metallica Covers

I think most metalheads like a good cover tune. What separates a good cover from a bad one?  Do you like when the cover is basically exactly the same or recreated using  a basic shell of the original song?  For me, it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s good.  I like both kinds of cover tunes.  Some bands lend themselves to being covered more than others.  For example, how many Megadeth covers do you hear out there?  I think there are a few, but not enough to stack a CD full of Megadeth covers.  Is that because Mustaine’s vocals are too hard to recreate?   Is it because the guitar work is too hard for the average guitarist?  You hardly ever hear bands cover Anthrax or Opeth.  I have yet to hear a band cover Blitz’s unique vocals in Overkill.   I am sure there are rough and edgy recordings on YouTube out there, but for the most part they are very rare.

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