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Matt’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs: #10- Number of the Beast covered by Djali Zwan

2003-spun-2The first time I heard this cover of one of Iron Maiden’s most celebrated songs, “The Number of the Beast”, it kinda of creeped up on me and caught me off guard.  Me and a couple of buddies had rented a movie called Spun from the video shop (remember those?) and not to long after popping it in my ears and brain got a bit confused.  I heard the moody acoustic guitars setting the rather depressing tone for the movie, but within a few seconds of the lyrics kicking I started saying this sounds really familiar.  Didn’t take me long to catch on that the tune was an acoustic cover.  And I don’t know if it was the context of the movie, which is about crystal meth addiction, or just an awesome job rearranging the song, but the lyrics of “The Number of the Beast” take on a whole new meaning in this cover.  In the original Iron Maiden version they have a very literal feel to them as images of demons and monsters course through the mind.  But here the demons that show themselves are grounded in real life alluding to the number of the beast being drug addiction.

If you have yet to see Spun, do check it out, it’s one hell of a mindrape of a movie filled with wacked out, yet sobering scenes and some terrific acting from Mickey Rourke, Jason Schwarzman, and Brittney Murphy (Trailer).  Check out the cover and the original and let us know what you think of this take on The Number of the Beast.  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Djali Zwan version:

Original Iron Maiden Version:

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Happy Birthday to Number of the Beast

When I was a wee youngster an older brother of my neighborhood friend played 2 albums for us one that would go on and influence one of us in a huge way.  The first was Guns and Roses  Appetite for Destruction, I remember liking it a lot but not nearly as much as the album that he would play for us next which just blew my 6-year-old mind away.  That album was Iron Maiden‘s perennial classic album, The Number of the Beast.

The energy, the huge guitars, Bruce Dickinson’s soaring vocals and maniacal laughter, the fun, feel good vibe of all the songs.  Songs about Indians, songs about monsters, songs about invaders (which I thought was about aliens from space at the time, read: Space Invaders).  I remember how terrifying it was to listen to “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and how much I laughed at “The Number of the Beast”.  Ya, this album made a huge impact on me and I found myself getting a copy from my buddies brother and at around the same point in time I heard this album Iron Maiden had just released Somewhere in Time which was one of the first cassette tapes I’ve ever bought with my own money and the first heavy metal album purchase of my life (and so the obsession begins).

To say Iron Maiden is my all time favorite band is an understatement.  So, I give a whole-hearted Happy 30th Birthday to one of the greatest and most influential metal albums ever written.  Up the Irons!!!!!! What’s your favorite songs off of The Number of the Beast?  Peace Love and Iron Maiden!!!!

My Iron Maiden Tattoo