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Album Review: God Forbid – Equilibrium

If someone were to ask me for best album in the metalcore genre, without any hesitation I’d reach for God Forbid‘s 2004 offering Gone Forever.  That album exuded such passion and energy that almost no album in its genre could touch it.  The band enjoyed a great rise to success with that release, but, while all their following offerings were damn solid, quality releases, they never equaled to or topped that groundbreaking album.  Now it’s 2012 and God Forbid have just released their sixth album, Equilibrium, and with pure passion, fury, love, and rage they have found an absolute perfect balance in their sound and metalcore now has a new ‘best in genre’ album.

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Where Does God Forbid Come From?

Getting set to release their new album, Equilibrium, on March 26, 2012, NJ’s God Forbid have released a video for the single “Where We Come From”.  For the recording of this video director Eric Richter followed the band around for a couple of days and filmed them doing their everyday things like going to work, hanging out, and kicking metal ass.  I dig the end where they rock Dingbat’s in Clifton, NJ.  Really cool club and worth checking out if you’re ever in NJ.

The sound of this song is a lot more melodic than their previous single release from the upcoming album, “Don’t Tell Me What to Dream”.  I was thinking the band would lose some of its melodic aspects (as well as the clean singing)  with the loss of their guitarist Dallas Coyle a couple of years ago.  Well it seems that his brother Doc Coyle and new addition Matt Wicklund (ex-Himsa) are keeping that area in check.  Check out the video and let us know what you think of it.  Are you excited for the new God Forbid album?

The band is doing an in-store signing on release day at Vintage Vinyl in Clifton, NJ on Equalibrium‘s released date.  If you are near the NJ area check it out.  And check out Vintage Vinyl out anyways if you can’t make the date, it is such a completely awesome record store (Opeth approved 😉 )

Here’s some quotes from the band about the video:

Guitarist/vocalist Doc Coyle says of the concept, “The idea really came from me thinking about the recurring lyrical themes of the album, and wanting to find a way to tap into that truth.” He goes on to say, “Pretending that we are rich rock stars who drink champagne and fly on private jets would not be effective. This isn’t a revelation, but I wanted to show the whole picture, and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We work, we jam, we hang out, we have fun together, and the payoff is we get to play amazing shows in front of amazing fans and engage with them on a very personal level.”

Corey Pierce, drummer goes on to say, “The fact that we are normal guys who do what we need to do in order to go out, play shows and make music, is literally ” Where We Come From”.”

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Video of the Week – Negasonic Teenage Warhead

This week I have been on a bit of an ‘old-school’ kick (for me that would be the mid-90s).  One band that I was huge into during my teen years and have been listening to a lot lately are my close-to-hometown heroes Monster Magnet (they’re from Red Bank, NJ, about 20 minutes from where I grew up, also the home of famed movie director Kevin Smith and the town where his film Chasing Amy took place).

I’m fortunate that I grew up where I did as the music scene in NJ was booming and great venues for concerts were all a stones throw from where I lived.  The legendary Stone Pony and its bigger sister venue a block away, The Asbury Park Convention Hall, were always metal friendly and then there was the Birch Hill in Old Bridge (RIP) where the metal was even more plentiful.  Monster Magnet loved to play hometown shows and the large amount of venues for them to select from was staggering, needless to say I got to see them a whole bunch of times.

My favorite MM show was when they played a venue called The Tradewinds in Seabright, NJ (RIP) for a Halloween show in 1999.  Me and my friends were in costumes and the cop checking IDs didn’t bother to ask for ours and gave us liquor wristbands (I was 19 at the time 😉 ), so our goofy looking asses had been given access to get our drink on.  My one buddy had dressed up like Jesus and ended up walking around blessing everyone’s beers and eventually made friends with a Pope, a Rabbi, some nuns, a monk, and a bunny rabbit, I wish I knew where that picture was.  Anyways, MM took the stage and killed it dressed up as zombies and devils playing a set composed of their older material from Spine of God and played Tab….25 in its entirety (jealous much).  All the psychedelic music paired with crazy lights, dancers on the stage, and a crowd of costumed freaks made for one hell of a memorable concert.

Well, enough reminiscing.  Check out the awesome video for “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” off of Dopes to Infinity which could be considered MM‘s first ‘hit’.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!


and here’s the Beavis and Butthead commentary version.