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New Song: A Reason To Breathe – Dark Horse

This very musical band from Spain caught my attention with the description of their new song: “Katy Perry cover (Pop goes Punk).”

Katy Perry? Surely not. Punk? Also surely not. When you hear it, however, you’d better agree with me that this is what Katy Perry should sound like or I’ll make you go to one of her concerts. The music is also punk in the sense that you are an Ice Age hunter-gatherer. Punk is the ancestor of hardcore, hardcore was the progenitor of post hardcore, and the band has modified the gene pool  further with the addition of electro-metal influences.

A Reason To Breathe is Drean (vocals and synth), Mota (bass), Ruben (a guitar), Javi (another guitar) and Mario (drums). Two guitars add richness, hey?

Meet the band on their Facebook page.


New Music From Korpiklaani! Folk Yeah!!!!

Getting ready to release their 8th studio album since 2003 Finnish folk metal machine Korpiklaani have released a taste of their upcoming L.P., Kunnia (Honor), in the form of their first single from the album.  Check out the song “Metsälle” (“For Hunting”).  As with the vast majority of the forest clans music, I totally dig this track.  It seems much more mature than many of their singles, but I’m sure we’ll also get some good ol’ beer swilling party songs on the album.  The album is scheduled to be released this summer.  Enjoy!  Rauha Rakkaus ja Metalli!!!!!

Machine Head releases the Locust

Long time metal band Machine Head have released an advanced mix of a song titled “Locust” which will be on their unnamed upcoming September release.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

While I think that the song is pretty damn good, there is a lot missing in the production department.  The drums especially don’t sound very well mixed and don’t hit as hard as the drums in a Machine Head song should.  The bass is practically inaudible and the vocals are way too high in the mix.  The tone of the guitars sounds off to me also, it’s as if the mixer jacked up the treble and left it as so.  Since this is an advance mix, I’m not letting the lousy production quality of this track weigh in on my anticipation of the album, but come on guys, you can afford a lot better production for a taste of the new album for the fans.