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Grinding Recommendations


Corrupt Leaders

A selection of newly released grindcore.

French band Bind Torture Kill (BTK) gives us their first full length, death metal/mathcore influenced “Condamné” (January 26th, self-released)


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Various black metal releases to get excited about in 2015




Last year was great for black and blackened metal of all varieties, we received goodies like The Great Old Ones, Infestus, Thantifaxath, Behemoth, Enthroned, Ifing, Emptiness and much more. I’m hoping this year will provide us with just as many quality releases, to make our existence darker and more uncomfortable. Just the way we like it.

The New Blacks 

*The ambitious A Forest Of Stars (progressive black) have already shared extensive information about their new album “Beware The Sword You Can Not See”, and it will contain panic, maggots, crumbling cities and mental collapse, presented in a neat package with the most gorgeous looking artwork. Out on February 27th. A taste from previous album:

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Theme Thursday- September Slaughter

Come September the realm of metal will become much richer with a deluge of new arrivals from some highly celebrated bands.  We will soon find out how Dream Theater fairs without Mike Portnoy behind the skins, we will hear the first new music from odd ball institution Primus whom haven’t release a full album since 1999’s Antipop, and we will soon find out how much more prog Opeth can become.  Here is a listen to some upcoming tracks to whet you appetite for more glorious metal.  Which upcoming albums are your most anticipated?

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