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Lots of free music? Of course you want some!


Here are links to five different metal compilations from three different labels, all FREE to download. They include bands like Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, Skyharbor, Devin Townsend, Extol, Misery Signals and many more. It would be stupid to not take advantage of this opportunity to check out some new bands or just get free songs. Basick Records, for example, is my favourite label and they have some excellent progressive/tech/core bands. I hope you find something to your liking too!

Century Media Records

Facedown Records

Basick Records

New Music From Eluveitie

Folk metal superstars Eluveitie have released two full songs for a nice taste of what’s to come from their upcoming new album Helvetios.  The forthcoming album is set to be released Feb. 10, 2012 in Europe and Feb. 28, 2012 in the USA.  Eluveitie will be touring in the States in Jan. and Feb. with Children of Bodom and they will be touring Europe headlining the Paganfest in March and April(balls, no Milan dates 😦 Probably in the future though) with other bands such as Primordial, Heidevolk, and Sólstafir(who, funny enough was just recommended to me and I’m listening to as I write this post, awesome band!!), on select dates Korpiklaani and Equilibrium will be making appearances on the tour.  You can check out the tour dates here.

Check out the new music after the jump!! Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!

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What’s New?

So is there any good metal coming out in the next three months?  If you have any ideas or any news for some promising album releases please let us know.  It looks like overall, this will be a great year in metal, but for now I am waiting for my first 2011 new release purchase.  I have a few I am tracking and would like to share that with you.  As far as I know, the following albums will be released between now and end of March.

January 25th – The Bronx Casket Company.  Why would you be interested in this?  Well, if you are an Overkill fan, this is D.D. Verni’s band and the new album is sure to shred.  I haven’t heard of any of D.D.’s side project, but based on my fanship with Overkill I will be buying this.

March 8th – New Children of Bodom.  The Finish metal band seemed to tone it down a bit.  There is a new release on YouTube and I liked it.  I get bored when bands repeat themselves.  I look forward to seeing Bodom on April 1st in Norwich with Amon Amarth.  That will be a great show.

March 29th – New Cavalera Conspiracy.  If you like the new Sepultura, which is basically what it is, Max and Co. are sure to blow your socks off.  The first release for Cavalera Conspiracy was awesome.  I can’t wait.  I hope to catch them at one of the festivals this year or even by themselves on tour. 

If there is anything else out there coming that resembles any metal that we like, let us know.  Thanks and have a great first quarter in metal 2011.