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Song of the Day, 10 March 2011, F*ck You

There are many bands that have a song with this title.  And why wouldn’t they?  Sometimes this is the only way to express something beyond “cilivized” words.  While we as a society are desensitized to almost anything, it seems some terms or expressions still carry a lot of weight.  This is one of them.  

The Song of the Day is “F*ck You” by Damageplan, from their album New Found Power.   

I am not sure why I censored the song title.  It’s just words, after all.

I have to admit, when it comes to Damageplan, I am definitely of two minds, for obvious reasons.  But, this is a great song, with a hook that gets stuck in my head whenever I hear it.  While Damageplan may not have had the same punch as Pantera, they were a pretty decent band.  Then again, why would they want to sound like Pantera?  Critics would have jumped all over them if they did.

Have a great day everyone.    Only one more day until the weekend.