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Themed Thursday – Overkill

This is more like an anthropological study of a band through their videos and albums. I am examining the career of East Coast (USA) thrashers Overkill. I think they are highly underrated and had the potential to be something much bigger than they were. They endured the 90’s metal-meltdown and today are stronger than ever with their most recent release, Ironbound.

A little gee whiz for you, Overkill was the first “thrash” band to release 10 studio albums. 15 albums later, they are celebrating 25-years in the business. Overkill is like the little engine that could. If you ever saw Overkill live you would probably agree with me their live show (even today) is energetic and on fire whether for 100 or 1,000 people. Overkill has never taken the easy road out of town and they don’t seem to let that bother them. Here is where their story begins.

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Overkill Footage – Live at the O2 Islington, London 3 Mar 11

I finally got my Overkill footage up on YouTube and wanted to share it.  I have three videos in all, but once I listened to them I found them to be more distorted than I would like.  I think I may have actually been too close to the PA for this.  Next time I will back away, but how do you give up a spot at the front of an Overkill show simply for the sake of better quality amatuer video.  So distorted it is, a little. If you know Overkill’s music it wont matter.  You will understand the song.  Here you go…Overkill – Necroshine Live at the O2 Islington, London on 2 Mar 11.  Footage by Plantera7.  Enjoy!

SOTD- December 17 2010

Hello Metal Fans,

Another Friday is upon us.  What a perfect day for metal. 

Today’s SOTD is “My December” by Overkill, from their album “Necroshine”.

Necroshine is not my favorite Overkill album, but it certainly isn’t on the bottom of my list.  With that being said, this is still a good song (and a pretty fitting choice for the season.). 

Have a great weekend, everyone.  And fear not, plantera7 will return to us soon.