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MTV and The Jersey Shore Please Help the Jersey Shore

As many readers may have deduced by now, while I no longer live on the Jersey Shore, the area holds a special place in my heart. ¬†From the majority of my family and many of my good friends living there and memories such as riding on the boardwalk rides and playing the games as a kid (and as an adult kid ūüėČ ) and sneaking under the boards to chug some beers, burn a doobie, or try to kiss a girl and the countless amounts of metal and rock ¬†shows I’ve seen there, the area is very important to me. ¬†This past week it was hit by Superstorm Sandy along with NYC and suffered massive damage. ¬†As I look at my Facebook wall and communicate any way I can with my family back in the states, it’s surreal hearing about all of the damage this storm has done. ¬†The boardwalks from Atlantic City up the whole coast are have been ripped up and destroyed and only 10% of them remain, homes are destroyed and flooded, food and gas is scarce, and some of my friends are both out of homes and work. ¬†Luckily no one I know was physically injured and the death toll is very low thanks to some great work within the communities in¬†preparation¬†and the government’s (local, state, and national) quick response to the handling of the disaster.

As of right now power is starting to be restored to the towns not directly on the coast and food is getting shipped in and to those who need it. ¬†But there needs to be a lot of work in setting things back to normal, and for some, normal may never be¬†achieved¬†again. ¬†This is going to take a lot of man power and the help of the community, and it is also going to cost a pretty penny, and since NJ’s cash crop is now in ruins, funds for the reconstruction raised by the state itself are going to be scarce.

Being on a whole different continent than my beloved shore towns and seeing all of my friends hurting so, I felt the need to do something within my power to help them out, so I started calling upon one of the most famous things from the Jersey Shore outside of Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi (who are already quick on the ball and are holding a charity event to be broadcast on national TV tonight). ¬†Since the 90’s MTV has made use of Seaside Heights on the Jersey Shore for both their summertime broadcasting beach houses and as their platform for their super successful reality show The Jersey Shore. ¬†While locals and many others scoff at their drunken antics, there’s no doubt that they brought a better economy to the Jersey Shore and in return local officials continued to sign the releases to allow MTV to continue filming there fattening their wallets¬†exponentially.

Given that these 2 things work symbiotically, I feel it’s only right that the cast of The Jersey Shore steps up to the plate and starts holding charity events and fundraisers to aid in the reconstruction of the Jersey Shore and its citizens. ¬†Over the past couple days some cast¬†members¬†have sent their condolences and promises to do what they can to help, and I applaud them for that. ¬†But given that many members of the cast were also affected by Superstorm Sandy, I’m sure that they can’t do all they want to do to help out. ¬†That’s where the support of MTV comes in.

Now, I know MTV is based in NYC, and NYC was also hit pretty hard by the storm, but given that they have offices all around the world and the channel is broadcast in nearly every developed country in the world, I don’t think they are hurting for money. ¬†Especially not hurting for enough money to do fund-raisers for NYC as well as monetarily support the cast of The Jersey Shore in fund raising venture. ¬†So I have started a petition addressed to as many big wigs at MTV as I could find as well as producers of the show asking them to step up and do something big for the Jersey Shore.

As with any petition, the more signatures that it has the more likely it will get noticed and more likely something will happen due to it. ¬†So, what I ask of all you awesome readers of Metal State, is to sign and share the petition. ¬†It takes no more than one minute realistically speaking to add your name. ¬†I also did my research on the petition site I’m using ( and they are quality and legit and won’t steal or misuse any information you give them (which is just your name and email at minimum; you can also use Facebook to sign). ¬†You can sign by clicking the link below or by clicking this link here. ¬†If you sign, I give you one of those teary, super emotional, totally ‘not metal’ thank yous. ¬†It means a lot to me and my family and friends back on the Jersey Shore. ¬†And now I leave you with one of my favorite Jersey Shore bands, the prog metal¬†maestros¬†Symphony X!

 Petition link:

You can follow the following link to the NJ chapter of the Red Cross to make monetary donations if you’d like:¬†