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Theme Thursday – Reggie’s Top 5 of 2012 So Far

We are at the time of year to reflect upon at what albums really made an impression on me – it’s time for the mid-year best of list.  We are half way through a pretty amazing year as far as metal is concerned.  Quite a few veteran bands out there released some stellar music…with one New Jersey band topping my list so far.   One thing I love about blogging with fellow metalheads is that we all love metal equally, but definitely have a fondness for different subgenres.  Both Matt’s and Mark’s lists are great and unique and give me something to listen to…some of that stuff I haven’t heard yet.  I hope I can offer the same in return.   Here is my Top 5 list for mid-year 2012.

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Xbox 360: MLB 2K12 Review

MLB 2K12 hit store shelves in March to coincide with the start of another summer of America’s favorite pastime.  This year’s installment is nothing more than a subtle upgrade to last year’s version, if you want to call it an upgrade.  At least that’s what was promised in several previews I read prior to the release of the game.  One thing assured was an improved hitting system.  The batter would hit more balls to left and right field versus many hits in previous versions of the game going (generally) to center field.  If there was such an upgrade to this hitting system, I barely noticed.  Most of my hits do, in fact, go toward center field for the most part.  Despite this slight disappointment in the hitting department, I do find the game a pleasure to play and worth my time and money.

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