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Interview with Pete of Baroness/Concert Review: Baroness & Royal Thunder at Tunnel Club, Milan Italy Oct. 15, 2013

IMG_4495Spending many years crafting, evolving, and honing one of the most original sounds in music today, Savannah, GA band Baroness have carved quite a niche for themselves that transcends musical genre barriers and deeply appeals to fans of all styles of rock music.  If one can say anything about Baroness, it would have to be about how incredibly hard-working and determined its members are in bringing their love of music to their fans and delivering it at the highest quality possible.  Even a terrible tour bus accident which could have easily killed any member of the band couldn’t hold founding members Pete Adams (guitars/backing vocals) and John Baizley (lead vocals/guitars) from powering through serious injuries, healing themselves up, and reforming their rhythm section after Allen Blickle (drums) and Matt Maggioni (bass) very understandably took leave of the band.  Just a little over a year since the tragic accident Baroness have once again jumped onto the tour bus and returned to Europe to continue putting audiences in awe with their stellar live shows.

On Oct. 15th I was fortunate enough to be able to catch up with guitarist Pete Adams when they stopped in my city of Milan, Italy to play a show at Tunnel Club with Royal Thunder.  After witnessing my first live experience with a band I have followed for over 10 years and my chat with Pete I have found myself with an even deeper respect for the lads in the band.  All of the passion Pete put into his responses to my questions was reciprocated ten-fold when him and the band took the stage and the amount of smiles and good vibes the band exuded off-stage came with them onto the stage in a very uplifting way of saying ‘we’re back’.

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Concert Review: Sonisphere Milan (Rho Fiera) June 8th, 2013 (Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Mastodon, Ghost)

sonisphere2013v2_lr1Between countless bits of memorabilia, various t-shirts, an extensive Iron Maiden discography, and a tattoo of Eddie the Head taking up half of my back it’s quite obvious that I am quite the die-hard Iron Maiden fan.  So the second I heard that Bruce, Steve, Adrian, Nicko, Dave, Janick, and Eddie were going to be making a stop in Milan to headline the Sonisphere festival it was an immediate ticket purchase, especially after a 6 year dry spell where I haven’t seen my all time favorite band live.  At first the only band that was announced was Iron Maiden, and even if Justin Beeber and The Spice Girls were also playing I would have dropped the €60 regardless, I was still curious to which other bands would be on the bill.  Lucky for me the ridiculously Satanic doomsters Ghost were announced as well as a band that truly lives up to their name, Mastodon.  Also on the bill was Megadeth and a couple of other bands whose names escape me and were on the stage too early for me to see.  With such a damn fine line-up and my expectation blasting through the roof did the show live up?  Long story short, Hell Fuck Yeah!!!

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Concert Review: Gods of Metal (Day 4) (Ozzy & Freinds, Opeth, Black Label Society, Lamb of God) Milan, Italy June 24, 2012

From the second I heard that one of my all-time favorite bands and fathers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath, were going to reunite for a tour I jumped on grabbing tickets as soon as possible.  No other bands were yet announced, but man, an opportunity to see Black Sabbath in what could be their final tour, hells yeah, you can’t put a price on that.  Unfortunately due to Tony Iommi’s battle with leukemia which arose after tour dates were set in the Black Sabbath show that was scheduled was canceled.  Luckily Mr. Tony Iommi was able to muster up enough strength to pull of a single homecoming show in his hometown of Birmingham, England and got to get the satisfaction of having the band come full circle and land back at home.  To Mr. Iommi, I say get well soon and I can’t wait till you can get the Sabbath ball rolling again.

But what about all the other shows that Black Sabbath promised to play?  Well, what’s the next best thing to Black Sabbath?  How about the face of the band, Mr. John Michel Osbourne, err, Ozzy!  Well, I bought tickets to see Black Sabbath, I’ve already seen Ozzy God knows how many times now and Black Sabbath only twice.  They tossed in Slash, Zack Wylde, and Geezer Butler, so I guess I can say I was sold on not trying for a refund on my ticket.  Having Opeth on the bill too, helped a pinch 😉  But before I get too ahead of myself, how about a little info on what else went down that day, it was a festival after all.

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Concert Review – Dream Theater – Mediolanum Forum – Milan, Italy – Feb. 21st, 2012

The first time I saw the legendary Progressive Metal band Dream Theater they performed in a tiny club in New Jersey (The Tradewinds, in Seabright) in 1999.  Suffice to say it was a magical evening and due to the size of the club, a very intimate concert.  Over the years, each time I went to catch this awesome band live the venues kept getting bigger and bigger due to their immense popularity, and somehow they were able to maintain that intimate feeling that I had got when I first saw them.  February 21st, 2012 marks my 6th time seeing Dream Theater in the largest venue I’ve seen them in yet, the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, Italy, and somehow they are still able to maintain that intimate magic that they’ve held over their many years together.

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More Gods of Metal Bands Announced

A slew of were announced today and what I had thought would be a one-day festival is turning into a 4 day affair.  Looks like I got tickets for the right day as Sunday, June 24th just got better with the addition of DevilDriver, and August Burns Red.  So add that to the real Gods of Metal, Black Sabbath, along with Opeth, Lamb of God, and Trivium you got yourself a hell of a day filled with glorious metal.

Below are the dates and announced bands to be playing with a couple WTFs in there:

Thursday, June 21st:

Man-O-War (Headliners)


Holy Hell

Friday, June 23rd:

Guns & Roses (Headliner)

Within Temptation

Sebastian Bach

Killswitch Engage

Blackstone Cherry

Ugly Kid Joe

Saturday, June 24th

Motley Crue (Headliners)

Sunday, June 25th

Black Sabbath (Headliners)


Lamb of God



August Burns Red


There are more bands to be announced, but I am quite content on the day I got my tickets for.  And now for my opinions on the lineup so far….  First off I do have to say the promoters are putting together great lineups.  So far the bands that are playing with each other on their respective days compliment each other well.

Who remembers those guys who play guitars on the beach and hate everything?  Ugly Kid Joe!!  That was way random, but a very welcome addition, just wish it was on Sunday.

Man-O-War there’s another bit of randomness for you, but I like the whole Power Metal theme of the day.  I’d like to see who else the fill the open spots, Rhapsody would be absolutely perfect, but I don’t think they are on good terms with Joey DeMaio (of Man-O-War) after he completely screwed them over some years back.  I wonder how many fur loincloths and gloves of metal one can find at the show.

It also looks like Within Temptation has a good chance to become headliners.  Seriously, what promoter signs Axl Rose, errr, Guns & Roses up for a tour, it’s not like they are well known for being punctual, putting on stellar performances, or keeping the audience in good spirits and not rioting or anything.  Supposedly they will be focusing on material from Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion.  Ya, know, the albums that Slash and Co. on them…

The Gods of Metal Festival is being held in Milan, Italy at Arena Fiera Milano.  Ticket info can be found here.

Check out a couple tunes from the Sunday additions below.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

The Italian Date for Black Sabbath Just Got Sweeter

At the announcement of a new album and coinciding tour for a re-reunited Ozzy-era Black Sabbath didn’t get me worked up enough, the announcement that they would be playing a few metro stops away from my humble abode did.  The Gods of Metal festival is hitting Milan, Italy on the 24th of June and will be held at Arena Fiera Milano.  headlining is the fathers of heavy metal Black Sabbath, and now recently confirmed, are 3 killer bands, and 1 of which whom has turned this into a do-not-miss event for me.  Lamb of God and Trivium, 2 bands that I quite enjoy have been added to the roster, but it’s the band under Sabbath that has got me excited for this show.  Opeth will be playing right before Black Sabbath and I can not think of a more suited band for the fathers to follow.

As info on this festival pops up I’ll keep you all updated for all the metal fans who may want to take a trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world for an awesome day of metal, pizza, and pasta.

Concert Review- Opeth- Alcatraz, Milan, Italy- Nov.24, 2011

For years upon years I’ve waited for my opportunity to experience a live Opeth concert.  Whenever they would go out and tour, where ever I happened to be is the place they were not.  So, when I found out that they would be performing at the now famous Alcatraz Night Club in Milan, Italy, which is a stones throw away from my humble abode, I dove at the opportunity and grabbed tickets as fast as I could.  Content, you could say so.  And then to sweeten the deal another band I hold in very high regards, Pain of Salvation, announced that they would be taking the support slot for the show.  Needless to say, I went from content to elated.  Not since when I got my hands on my first Iron Maiden concert tickets did I wait in such anticipation for a concert.  Finally after months of being suspended in a bated breath November 24th rolled around and there I was, beer in hand, watching Daniel Gildenlöw of P.o.S. demonstrate his unearthly voice as him and the rest of the band poured out every ounce of their souls on the stage putting on a wonderful and high energy show.

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