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Roundtable Review: Between the Madness by VanGough

a0236553750_2Label:  Nightmare Records

Release Date:  Out Now

Songs:   12

Genre:  Prog

Studio Albums:  This is their 5th release

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Roundtable Review: Abyssal – Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius

abyssal coverLabel: Iron Bonehead Productions

Release Date: 1 January 201331 January 2014 (DLP)

Tracks: 11

Length: 59:22

Genre: The blackest and darkest death/doom

Studio Albums: Denouement, 2012

Location: UK


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Album Review: Volition by Protest the Hero

PTH_VLTN_72Trying to really nail down the unique sound of Canadian metal band Protest the Hero is quite a difficult task.  In the past I would have called it ‘prog metal’ played with a lovin’ spoonful of methamphetamine and cocaine and called it a day.  Sure, their brand of speedy prog metal was unlike anything out there and I’ve purchased every album from the band and enjoyed the spins I’ve given them.  However, more often than not, I found it difficult to listen to entire records without reaching sensory overload or boredom.  They had their stand-out songs and the stuff in between seem to just serve to keep the break-neck pace of the records up and showed minimal dynamics.  Fast-forward a few years and a hugely successful Indie Go-Go campaign (Kickstarter for the non-Americans) later, Protest the Hero have unleashed unto the world an album that shows more improvements than I can shake a stick at.  Needless to say, Volition is the realization from a band overflowing with potential and is brimming with dynamic, variety, and passion while not even for a split-second dismissing an iota of PtH’s core sound.

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Album Review: Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls by Glorior Belli

PromoImageYou got to love it when a band names their album with a title that sums up perfectly what the listener is going to find within it.  On the new record by Glorior Belli gators do rumble and chaos does unfurl.  They rumble and unfurl so much that for the past week since this record landed in the Metal State inbox I have not been able to stop listening to the thing.  I’ve known about the band for a bit of time now, but like the horrible metal head that I am, I just never got around to checking them out, so unfortunately I can’t tell you whether this record is better or worse than the bands previous efforts.  But what I can tell you, as a newcomer to Glorior Belli, I will be hunting down the bands entire backlog over the next few months as their approach to black metal is one of the freshest and most original I’ve heard in years.

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Album Reviews: Taketh – Ignorance Is Strength and Noumena – Death Walks With Me

a1775136158_10Taketh – Ignorance Is Strength

Taketh is a Swedish melodic death metal band and this is their second full length album. It contains ten tracks of typical sounding melo death, with growling vocals, melodic choruses and middle paced songs. The songs are well written and well performed and although the lyrics are a bit simple and too cliché, it still works out okay. After a couple of listens it gets a bit repetitive, both the music and the vocals don’t have much variation to them and some riffs seem a bit overused. I like the guitar solos and the more screamy, powerful vocals that appear at times. More of that and a little more diversity and maybe it could have been a more than average release. The last song is titled “Mind Numbing Crap” and makes me suspect the band isn’t overly serious about this release and when I hear it ends with someone saying “Oh well, shut up” in Swedish, I smile to myself and think my suspicions were probably right. But I hope Taketh are having fun when creating music, which is all that matters in the end!

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Album Review: Gris – À l’âme Enflamée, l’äme Constélle


Release Date: July 9, 2013

Tracks: 10

Length: 80 minutes, 2 discs

Genre: Atmospheric depressive black metal (with many acoustic parts)

Previous releases: Neurasthénie, 2006 (under the name Niflheim), Il Était Une Forêt…, 2007

Recommended for fans of:  Alcest, Agalloch, Sombres Forêts, Drudkh, Lantlôs, Forgotten Tomb

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Album Review: Sombres Forêts – La Mort Du Soleil


Release Date:  09 July 2013 on Sepulchral Productions

Tracks:  7

Length: 52 minutes

Genre:  Depressive Atmospheric Black Metal with many acoustic parts

Previous releases: Sombres Forêts (demo, 2006), Quintessence (full length, 2006), Royaume de Glace (full length, 2008)

Recommended for fans of:  Wolves In The Throne Room, SummoningDrudkh, Gris,  Forgotten Tomb,  Thy Light,  Lantlôs

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Concert Review: UK Tech Metal Fest 2013 part 1 – Karybdis, Cold Night For Alligators, Linked, No Consequence


Ladies and Djentlemen!

Compared to last year’s festival that was held indoors at a bar, this year a much bigger event was organized, complete with two stages, late night after parties and camping for the visitors. Add to that a line-up of bands that was to die for, at least if you’re a devoted progressive/tech metal follower, like me. There were acts travelling from India, Israel, Russia, Serbia, USA, Denmark and Sweden, as well as fans coming from countries far outside the UK. That’s how passionate both the fans and musicians are about this djentilicous style of metal.

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Album Review: Self-Titled by Revocation

GD30OB2-N.cdrWhy do I like heavy metal music?  To get into the specifics of it would really lead me to writing a long-winded, boring, self-serving dissertation on psychology, the human condition, and the release of more inner feelings than I would ever care to put onto the internet.  But to sum the question up nice and concisely, I love the energy of heavy metal.  Whether it be electric-like energy of thrash metal, the aggressive energy of death metal, the groove energy of stoner/doom, or the mish-mash of all energies in prog.  Everything about the energy of heavy metal and its various genres effect my being more so than any other style of music.  But regardless of genre, more often than not, bands/albums don’t reach their full energy potential and after listening to so many albums that don’t reach that 100% energy level one tends to become complacent and 90% becomes the 100%.  Ya, follow?

What am I getting at here?  Well, even though there have been many superb albums released this year, after listening to the new self-titled album by Revocation ad nauseam for the past couple weeks, it feels like those albums that felt like 100% energy at the time were just 90%ers.  Nothing against those brilliant records, but now that the ‘energy bar’ has been raised, it a tad difficult to go back to them and not ask for that next 10%.  So, as you probably guessed by now, the new Revocation album is a record that oozes with energy, pure, raw, uncompromising energy that don’t take no shit from no one.

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Album Review: Erimha – Reign Through Immortality


Release Date: 9th of June 2013 on Victory Records

Tracks:  10

Length: 45 m, 63 s

Genre:  Symphonic Black Metal/Blackened Death Metal

Previous releases: Debut album ‘Irkalla’ from 2010

Recommended for fans of:  Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, Keep of Kalessin, Emperor

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